Future Events Koby will be the strongest end of series!

Hello everyone! I am here to spread the good word about him! Its true he will conquer the pirate king and lead the people into the new era! Seriously though i truly believe that Koby has been shaped up as the parallel to luffy and will end up beating him fairly without luffy submitting in the end. Koby is chasing luffys shadow and is destroying things he has built. It is only a matter of time ...
He has a bit of a special status, for sure he will be a future admiral and most likely be for Luffy what Garp was for Roger but... In the end he is just another Luffy cheerleader along with Law, Kidd (tsundere) and others. By logic by eos he will be stronger than Luffy but by manga/shounen logic he will be at best very close like Garp could have been to Roger (see Goten/Trunks or Gohan in DB).

Jew D. Boy

I Can Go Lower
Ahh, hell, why not?? He’s already experienced crazy physical and reputation growth in a relatively small amount of time, and he’s unmatched in that regard by anyone not named Luffy or Zoro...if he’s meant to be the main character’s foil, he’s gonna need to get just as tough as the rubber asshole :luuh: