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okay let’s hear your explanation then….
Sasuke wasn't lashing out, nor did he leave Village because he was jealous of Naruto getting attention.

The kid was 8, saw his entire family slaughtered by one he trusted the most, and was mindraped to see it thousands of times over. Only reason he didn't straight up kill himself is probably because revenge gave him a purpose.

Trains like fuck, more than anyone else. Though starts becoming normal again, starts having a life and getting along with his teammates. Revenge starts to become less of a priority as we've seen him start putting his newfound family above those sentiments.

Then Itachi comes back and it all crashes down. To make things worse, Itachi basically shows him that all this time he spent is pointless and he's just trash shit and has made 0 real progress. Beats him up, mind rapes him again by making him relive slaughter of his family thousands of times over, then leaves him comatose.

Dude woke up after seeing his mum and dad killed thousands of time, is feeling weak as shit, and thus lashes about. It is as simple as that. Seeing Naruto's strength added even more to his raging insecurity at that moment. But if it wasn't Naruto? He'd have lashed out at something else, or someone else.

He'd be a shit and and unrealistic character if he didn't. But seems you want Gary Tsus lol

But even if you do, making it about NARUTO is so retarded it hurts. The entire ordeal was because of Itachi and his past trauma, not Naruto. Hell, we've seen Sasuke telling Sakura that it was Naruto who saved her, realizing he pulled ahead at that point, and just training harder to catch up. Nothing more.