Naval Battle Krieg Pirates

"Yes! The Kreig Pirates will do everything in their power to make Don Kreig's dream happen! This isnt the first time we've fallen. It doesnt matter how strong you are or how dangerous the Grandline is. Everytime we fall, we'll get back up, rebuild and come back stronger! We've already done that twice before and we'll do it again after you! I hope we cross paths again after this Achilles, by then I'll be strong enough to put you down."
As Achilles heard these words, he felt relief that he hasn't broken the will of this man beyond repair, as he has taken interest in him as a future prey. After all, He never liked hunting rookies who had yet to reach their potential. If that Marine wasn't looking, maybe I would have let him go. But that Officer isn't someone I would like to piss off.

With a smirk, Gin pushed the blade out of his face and lay on his back accepting the cold embrace of their defeat with a smile and a bloody palm
Achilles then proceeds to Unsheathe His Sword, Ignoring the blood on it.

"I hope you will keep your word, and Become a powerful Prey for me, Gin." Achilles bared his teeth in preparation for his next move. "But for now, Feel the Terror of the Future Strongest Bounty Hunter in the world"

Achilles then jumped on Gin, with both his Paws gripping Gin's Hands and His Mouth Pressing on Gin's neck, Achilles moves his Mouth to the sides back and forth to deal more Pain to the Defeated Man's neck while being careful not to deal any Fatal damage. He then Lifts Gin by the Neck through his teeth before slamming him on the ship.

Achilles then let's go of Gin's Neck and Turns around to see the Marine Officer's Reaction to the attack he just performed.
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I'd stare as Achilles would take out Gin of the Krieg Pirates, my thoughts were muddled in some puddle. ' Don Krieg and the Krieg Pirates. Biggest let-down ever. '

The reason behind my muddled thoughts was simply with the over-exaggeration of Krieg Pirates. But then again most of the rumors were coming from residents of east blue. The pirate crew was a crew built on numbers in trying to strike fear into the residents of nearby locations. Don Krieg, was just one of the main terrors but in specific the main culprit that needed to be quickly stricken down. The scrapbooking had to begin with his name. With Gin and Pearl being nothing more than large flies that needed to be swatted. Whereas, the rest of the crew was a bunch of headless chickens.

" Achilles put that man down. I've got some questions I'd like to ask him with the other two. Don't worry I won't claim that I took him and reined him down. But I'd like you to put the shackles on him. " me turning my attention around as I took a deep breath and roared " Alright men prepare to set out, so hands on deck. " as a crewmate "Sir, what about the remnants of the Krieg Pirates?" to my answer would be " Why bother hunting a bunch of hopeless headless ants "

I'd then make my way to my office to write my report, despite taking out the Krieg pirates. My marine duties were still part of the code of conduct of all marines. Writing a report of the incidents that took place.

... To Be Continued »
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Some time after the Battle between the Marines and the Pirates in East Blue had concluded, the Marine Battleship that was carrying the Marines and The Bounty Hunter and their "Prize" was filled with silence for the next few days as they went back to the Headquarters. Half due to people Resting from the Battle, and the other half due to the felt tensions that nobody wants to Point out.

The Mink spent most of the travel sleeping in his Room with the Guards bringing him food every now and then. He was clearly in a bad mood unlike how he was before the battle.

As the Battleship reached the Headquarters, Achilles was told to wait until the Marine Officer was free to talk about his reward over the defeat of the Krieg Pirates. He waited for a few hours before losing his patience and asked about the location of the officer only to be told that he is busy in the Interrogation room with Krieg.

"So he couldn't have waited to get his hands on that Pirate? What a rude man"

Achilles then walked into the Interrogation chamber ready for the scenes that's likely inside. Interrogation room sounds like a great name for a Torture chamber. He laughed a bit before reaching the room and knocking on the Big steel door while the Guards are looking on nervously, too afraid of the large Mink to tell him their Superior is busy.

Sometime had gone past, Krieg Pirates were no more. Don Krieg, Pearl, and Gin were aboard my ship. It was time to interrogate them regarding their recent behaviors, actions, motives, and signs of terror or so believed to be. I rather wanted not to interrogate them but torture them. Hence the reason for the use of the interrogation room, a pitch white room with a chair and table placed with a mop placed in the corner of the room. Everything now was off the record and stricken away from being recorded and mentioned in the report. This was something I was going to enjoy.

I walked into the interrogation room after washing my hands that were coated in red with some stains of blood still remaining. The duration of which I washed my hands the room was being cleaned and the first victim, Pearl was studied and branded, Test Subject - 001.

I awaited as instead of Gin but it was Don Krieg placed with a straightjacket around him, barely conscious. ' This is going to be fun, I had to go through his used laundry first '

I grinned as instead of asking him questions the nurse came into a room with a table with knives, saw, wrench amongst others.

" You know, you can scream, scream, cry and beg as much as you want. Nobody is gonna save your fu***ng ass " I'd pick something up off the table and smirk with sinister intentions. I'd take a look at the nurse " Get ready to take some notes as this is going to be fun like the last one. "

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Achilles's patience had ran away after his Knocking was ignored. He glared at the Guard with the clear intent of wanting the door opened. All what it took to convince the Guard to Open up the door was to show him his Claws.

As the door opened Up, the rather minimalist design of the room creeped out the Mink, something about the Plain White paint and lack of anything in the room gave off an eerie vibe that made Achilles think twice about entering.

But he entered anyway and in the middle of the room was The Man he has been looking for and the men that he helped captured, still knocked out from their battle. Besides them was a Nurse holding a table, what's on the table Gave the Mink an idea of what's about to happen.

"I am sorry for interrupting, But I felt like I was waiting too long for you to show up." He said before Bowing his head a bit at the Marine Officer and the Nurse.

As soon as I turned to pay attention in commencing on torturing Don Krieg, though unfortunately some stirring and sounds could be heard which would distract me. I'd sigh as by the time I turned around Achilles would arrive who would then bow his head and say;
"I am sorry for interrupting, But I felt like I was waiting too long for you to show up."
What he would say my eyebrow would raise before taking a moment to reply to him as I would place what I took off the table back down. " Achilles " as I'd sigh before removing my surgeon gloves. " You have my attention. "

My action was fluid and natural, the manner of the duration I would take responding to Achilles and left. To me, it was far more important to halt whatever I was doing due to it being unjust and off the record.

I'd turn my attention to the nurse " Inject him with a sedative, I'll be with him shortly. "

I would make my way before Achilles " After you, for what purpose you seek an audience with me? As I feel I may have forgotten "

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