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Does Mihawk have COC?

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This island has been through so much already... I really hope it's not destroyed! Where do you think he's living now? It looked like Croc and Mihawk were just paying a visit to Buggy in ch 1058. Maybe their base of operations is Croc's ship (with Mihawk's boat attached by a rope, lol).

How long do you guys think he'll be away from the island, and will he ever return?!
And what about the humandrills? They better be alright, Oda!
Does anyone else find it endearing how utterly normal Mihawk is? His island is getting invaded but he legit doesn’t care, treats it like a minor annoyance while deciding which of his favourite books and wine he’s going to take with him when he relocates. He also uses one of the 12 Supreme Grade weapons as a hanger for his hat. It’s actually kind of cute. :yearight:
Hopefully we see a reunion of the ghost family

I like that Mihawk didn't torture Buggy, that shit is beneath him. Shanks can thank him for saving his bro's life. :pepehawk:

I'm really liking the Mihawk and Crocodile duo

Now imagine them fighting together
Need to see a combined attack

Wait Imagine Doffy joining them :kawak:

Cannot imagine the destruction of a Mihawk,Crocodile and Prison gains Doffy combined attack

Marineford destroyed
Birdcage coated with sand and Mihawk sitting on top of it. :pepebusi:
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