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Light D Lamperouge

𝖂𝖍𝖆𝖙 𝕮𝖔𝖚𝖑𝖉 𝕳𝖆𝖛𝖊 𝕭𝖊𝖊𝖓
« This sword knows no restraint ».

When I first read that I thought « does that means that Mihawk will go all out? » or « is it just a figurative way to say that he is serious? ».

But with Wano and the explanation about the « sword will », I think that Mihawk was not talking about himself but about Yoru.

You could say that Enma knows no restraint because it is sucking haki as much as it can. Because it is its will or more so his way to test his wielder. It is then the wielder who put a restraint on the blade.
Remember that on the rooftop, Zoro said « I have to release more from Enma » which explicitly shows that he was restraining the blade.

But what is Yoru’s will? My guess is that Yoru is a fate testing blade.

The sword was use:
- to test Zoro’s determination at the Baratie
-to test Whitebeard’s statue
-To test Luffy’s fate

But what does that say about Mihawk in Marineford? I think that Mihawk was letting Yoru do her will (a la Stormbringer in the Elric saga). Basically Mihawk was using his own power at the bare minimum in MF.

Yoru mean « night », I don’t think that she is only call this way because of her color but because the night comes before the dawn.

Remember Toki’s words about Orochi and Kaido : You are like the moon oblivious of the coming of the dawn.

Shimotsuki Zoro vs Dracule Mihawk will be the frozen moon beating the night for the coming of the dawn. (The dawn is Luffy but it interesting to note that Zoro means « the hero of the golden down » - -). Zoro cutting Yoru might end up being a metaphor of Zoro cutting fate.

TL;DR; Yoru is a fate testing blade and in MF Mihawk’s statement was about Yoru’s will and not the level of strength used by him.
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Glad i came across this, had a really good theory about Mihawk which ill post here to get everyone's thoughts on that
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Mihawk’s Observation Haki

Ever since the Reverie event was resolved I had this thread planned because this is probably one of the most controversial topics regarding Mihawk’s powers/abilities.

You guys probably have come across theories that say Mihawk was using Observation Haki to find out the what happened at the Reverie in chapter 925, but all those theories get pushback that Mihawk was just reading the newspaper to find about the events.

I am not sure if someone has already proved this before, but I’m still going to try giving concrete evidence that Mihawk actually was using Observation Haki. This is a bit complex theory so I will first draw the timeline of the events.

First let’s establish the reverie timeline:

Reverie Timeline
I know this may seem useless at first but this will play the most crucial part of my theory.

We first hear about Reverie in chapter 801 from King Riku at the end of Dressrosa
It took about 1 week for SH to get to Zou and then Luffy’s group leave the next day for WCI.
At the same time in chapter 823 – All the kingdoms from around the world are getting prepared in leaving for Reverie.
We also find out the Rev HQ was destroyed by Blackbeard and that Kidd was captured by Kaido.

It takes SHs a decent amount of time to reach WCI. We don’t know exact no. of days so let’s just say it takes them a few weeks. After reaching Totto Land they find out about the weeding which is in 3 days. SHs leave WCI the next day of Tea party.

Now in Chapter 903 we see all the Kings gathering at MariJoa which took about a few days. From chapter 903-908 all the events are of the same day before the Reverie discussion began. Here we also find out that reverie is a 7-day event
Chapter 903
Chapter 908
In chapter 910 we see Luffy’s group reading news of all the Kings gathering at MJ. The SHs were close to Wano’s waterfall at that point in time. Which means that the first day of Reverie started at the same time as Luffy reached Wano.
Chapter 910

All of this till now was so that I could match the timeline of Reverie to Wano.

And now comes most crucial part of my theory which I’ve divided in 3 segments

At the beginning of 925, Perona finds out Moria is alive. Newspaper says Moria is going on an attack spree with his zombie army, we find out he was looking for Absalom and that later lead him to Hachinosu.
We shift to Hachinosu where Blackbeard gives us some major information. Now BB gives us 2 important pieces of info:
First is that on the Fourth Day of the Reverie Sabo and the revs fight against Fuji and Ryokugyu.
Second is that Big Mom has started chasing Luffy to Wano. Note it doesn’t say that Big Mom has reached Wano, it only says she has started chase.
So now the conclusion from these events is:
  • Big Mom leaves WCI and is enroute to Wano to kill Luffy which is around the 4th day of Reverie. Meaning this is before act-2 of Wano. This is around the time when Luffy is thrown in Udon prison.
  • Kuraigana scene and Hachinosu scene are happening parallelly. Meaning the newspaper Perona read and Blackbeard read were the same. And yet Both of them still didn’t have the slightest clue about Warlord abolishment.
  • Reverie still had 3 days left.
Now comes a complicated part again to align the timelines and this may seem useless but trust me this will make sense.

In chapter 951 there was this small panel which at first may not have seemed important, but later we get the info from Chapter 956 which gives better context on this. Hawkins notices that Drake has been acting strange which makes Hawkins suspicious.
Jumping to 956, We get info that the Warlords have been abolished and all the news about this is spread throughout the world in the newspaper. Drake is seen talking to Koby about Kaido and BM alliance. He also finds out Koby is heading to Amazon Lily immediately after the warlord abolishment.
I believe that Drake was trying to contact Koby in chapter 951 to relay the info from Wano but he is only able to connect to him a little later when the Kaido-BM fight was already finished. This basically puts the Kaido-BM fight conclusion in the same time frame as Warlord being abolished and Koby heading to AL.

The final part of my theory which brings us to the overall conclusion. Everything before was so that I can fit the timeline properly and match all the events.

Let’s jump back to chapter 956 again. By now the Kaido-BM fight is resolved and all the SH have regrouped following the event of Drake's conversation. But now we'll look at the most important piece: Blackbeard
Blackbeard talks about going after something after the Warlord abolishment. At that point we didn’t know what he was talking about. In chapter 1059 we find he was after Hancock’s DF which is why he came to AL.

So basically, Blackbeard the moment he heard the news of Warlord abolishment he went after Hancock to take her fruit.
Now if the news of abolishment had already been revealed or hinted in the newspaper back in Chapter 925 like I've seen some people say, Wouldn't Blackbeard immediately go after Hancock as soon as he heard the news to not let Navy capture her so he can have that power for himself? It would be stupid if he didn't and BB is too smart not to capitalize on that.
But he didn't move till the reveal of the warlord collapse in 956. And Perona was also reading the newspaper in 925 but she also didn't comment on anything regarding that.
What this basically means is that Mihawk didn't have any external source to find the info on warlord abolishment. And I believe the only way he found that info was by hearing the conversation thru observation haki, which is absolutely broken considering the range from Kuraigana to Marijoa. This is would most likely put Mihawk's obs haki top1 or top2 in the verse.
I genuinely think Mihawk's specialty might be observation haki.

Let me know what you guys think about this theory. Is it trash or is it good?
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