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Yes yes yes!!!

I am so excited to be representing the most chill character in One Piece, my man A O K I J IIIIIII

My online persona is definitely more fixated on Akainu than Aokiji, but really Aokiji himself is tied for my favorite character in all of One Piece (and quite frankly he is more interesting to me than Akainu post-timeskip). This character is extremely special to me and I'm honored that I get to defend his honor lmfao.

So I was thinking about how I should structure this post, thinking about arguments and counterarguments and such, and then I remembered this:

So that's how yall want to play this shit huh??? Alright judges, get ready for straight up shitposting because you are going to be ROFLing all the way to the ER for lack of oxygen after you read this post.

Nah nah nah I kid ofc, but I'll definitely try to work some more humor into this post to keep it more readable haha. I think I also learned some good tips from last time around, so yeah lol.

Also after the incredible @wordyworm almost KO'd my ass in round 1, I'm not going to show much mercy to Doflamingo or my man @comrade lol. I hope you understand bro.

It's difficult to compare to characters as different as Doflamingo and Aokiji...Doflamingo was a major arc antagonist with a fully developed backstory, and Aokiji is more of a recurring antagonist who's full backstory and motives and such are still being revealed to us as the story progresses. But that said, I'm going to argue why Aokiji is better anyway lol.

Without further nonsense, let's do this!

Why Aokiji Is Better Than Doflamingo

I. Moral Complexity
Let's get some of the more serious stuff out of the way first. So you may be surprised to hear that out of all of the moments in which Aokiji has appeared and done things throughout the Manga, the moment that stands out to me personally more than any of the rest is this one right here:

Kinda weird right? I think the reason this moment stands out to me so much, is that it embodies what separates Aokiji from not only the rest of the Marines, but really most other One Piece characters: Aokiji is a really good person at heart and someone who does what he believes is right even when Oda doesn't give him a clear answer to what is right and what is wrong. Sure Aokiji is an antagonist pre and most likely post-timeskip (at least for the time being), but the nuances around his philosophies on Justice as well as his compassion for those around him separate him from pretty much every antagonist in One Piece.

When we first see him during his youth, Aokiji's philosophies might appear to be rather simple and un-complicated

But after witnessing the horrors of the Government's Absolute Justice for himself:

He quickly grows into someone who understands the flaws in the organization that he is a part of

As he grows older and wiser, we see that his complex views on morality and justice make him a standout character:

At first believing Ohara to be "law breakers" and deserving of something like a Buster Call, but then growing into a man who believes that Nico Robin carrying the seeds of Ohara forward could actually be a good thing. It is through Aokiji that Oda shows us a Marine (a villain) who understands that the Governments philosophy on Justice is flawed to say the least. This gives Aokiji a very real character arc that occurs in real time and perfectly rationalizes his later actions.

Aokiji was probably the only pre-timeskip Marine that was actually glad that Luffy defeated Crocodile:

And Aokiji also chooses to let Robin live on multiple occasions out of the belief that some good actually could come from her life, contrary to what his superiors would think.

Aokiji is complex because he is a walking contradiction, a Marine who should be enforcing Absolute Justice, who also believes in a much more moral philosophy. He is someone who just wants to do the right thing, which makes him a truly one of a kind antagonist in One Piece. In fact, Aokiji is such a complex antagonist that he almost can't even be referred to as an antagonist, as like I said before, Aokiji is really a good person trying to do the right thing. Which brings us full circle:

Even post-timeskip, where Aokiji is getting involved in very "dirty business" such as the Underworld and the Blackbeard Pirates, Aokiji assures us as the audience that he is still himself, and still trying to live a good life in his own ways.

Let's talk about Doflamingo for just a second. Doflamingo is great, I love Doflamingo, but he is objectively inferior to Aokiji in terms of complexity. Doflamingo's motivation is that he wants to destroy the world. His backstory is very well-written and contributes well to his future motivations and explains his character phenomenally and all, but there is inherently nothing unique about Doflamingo's philosophies and goals. His ideology is pretty much exactly what you would expect from a typical simplistic villain. While like I said he is a very well-written version of this trope, he is exactly that: A trope.

Even worse, almost everything about Doflamingo was meant to be an alternate version of what Oda had already attempted with Crocodile back in Alabasta. What this means is that Doflamingo's "destroy the world" philosophy and goals are not only fairly generic and simplistic by villain-standards, but Doflamingo is even less unique by One Piece standards, because Oda already did Doflamingo pre-timeskip with Crocodile (in a manner that many people would say is better, might I add).

Aokiji on the other hand is much more nuanced than Doflamingo. His philosophies on life in the OP world are very complex, and he is a character who was specifically written to show how even someone who initially appeared to be indoctrinated by World Government ideology could come to a different conclusion than every other Marine in the manga. And that, makes him better and more unique than Doflamingo.

II. Introduction

Okay, let's get to the fun stuff lol. Aokiji straight up has one of the coolest introductions in all of One Piece. Yeah you heard me, get ready for a straight up unnecessary amount of ice-puns.

An introduction for a character is extremely important because it gives us a first impression of the character and who they are. It sets the ground work for all future interactions and our future impressions with that character. A bad introduction is not impossible to recover from, but a memorable introduction can truly lead to a memorable character regardless of what that character does throughout the rest of the manga.

So, Aokiji's introduction. It's better than Doflamingo's. We first glimpse upon Aokiji here:

If this scene didn't get you hyped when you first saw it, you weren't paying close enough attention. This scene is straight up heavy with hype.

When we first meet Aokiji, he seems to be the exact opposite of someone that his rank hypes him as being. He first appears as a lazy napper

He straight up hits on Nami:

And he otherwise acts far too chill, aloof, and uninterested, which completely contrasts what Robin is telling us about Aokiji and his rank as "Supreme Admiral" and such. The Straw Hats freak out about this guy's extreme hype, but nothing he's actually doing or saying seems to show us why we should fear him or take him seriously. This creates an intense air of mystery around this guy who is apparently supposed to be a Marine Admiral but doesn't even seem to have the discipline of a Chore Boy lol.

And then, IT HAPPENS:

When I first saw this scene, I think my face probably looked just like this

And I remember my jaw being on the floor lol.

Aokiji's introduction phenomenally sets the tone for the character he becomes in the future. It establishes that Aokiji is going to be far from the typical Marine whilst also being one of the most important and high-ranking Marines there is, and it establishes some of the moral complexity around his character (as Aokiji chooses to let Luffy live out of a sense of honor and fair-play, which we'd never really seen a Marine do and haven't really seen since).

Doflamingo's intro is cool I guess but...he debatably isn't even the focus of his own intro, as we meet Doflamingo, Kuma, Sengoku, Tsuru, and Lafitte all at once which takes away of the unique-ness of Doffy's introduction. On top of that, Doflamingo really doesn't do anything half as memorable as this. He kinda just walks into the panel in a pretty standard manner, gets an (at the time) extremely hype frozen bounty, puppetiers some Vice Admirals, and then...that's it. The scene stops being about him and progresses to other more important plots.

Aokiji's intro is much more unique and clearly intended to be much more memorable. From riding his bike on the ocean, to being introduced with a demeanor and personality which completely contradicts his rank, creating an heir of mystery and intrigue around his character, to being the only character on panel to show no fear of a Sea King and then literally freezing the entire ocean in front of us, it's just clear Oda wanted Aokiji to appear with a boom, and this is one of my personal favorite Manga/Anime scenes of all time lol.

Aokiji's introduction, is better than Doflamingo's.

III. Character Design

So, Aokiji is overall one of the best designed characters in the Manga. This section will be difficult for me to articulate without text-walling but I'll briefly show what I mean by that.

Did you know Aokiji's Devil Fruit and personality were written in conjunction with each other? Aokiji is known for his very chill personality, as his Devil Fruit exemplifies. Despite how chill Aokiji is most of the time, he is capable of getting ferociously serious when the time calls for it:

Fighting the most bloodlusted character in the Manga for 10 days straight and refusing to serve under an Absolute Justice Fleet Admiral like we talked about earlier. Aokiji's Devil Fruit and Akainu's being opposite is intentional, as their opposing philosophies and ideas on Justice are represented by how polar opposite their Devil Fruits are.

Aokiji travels alongside a Giant Penguin named Camel post timeskip:

Which realistically, I didn't even need to type anything else in this entire post, I could've just posted a picture of Aokiji and Camel and this post would probably be more effective lol. I love Penguins, and with all the dirty business Aokiji is involved with post timeskip, you know this Penguin has seen some shit

You see the reason Oda gave Aokiji a Penguin named Camel as a ride, is that his design post-timeskip is meant to be reminiscent of a traveling Egyptian riding a Camel through a desert, except since Aokiji's personality and character are revolved around the Cold, Oda straight up just gave him a giant Penguin (an animal that lives in the cold (usually)) and named it "Camel" Lol.

Oda also intentionally covers Aokiji's eyes both pre and post-timeskip. Pre-timeskip, Aokiji's sleeping mask is meant to cover his eyes and post-timeskip Aokiji wears glasses that cover them. This is a trick that Oda does with Admirals as a metaphor for the phrase "Justice is Blind". Oda actually does this with all Admirals (Kizaru's eyes are covered by his glasses, Akainu's eyes (can be) covered by his hat, Fujitora's eyes are literally blind, etc.)

All of this is to say that Oda has put a lot of thought into every aspect of Aokiji's design and presence in the manga. These might seem like a few un-specific examples, but they just go to show how every aspect of Aokiji's design shows who he is on a metaphorical level.

Doflamingo has a good design as well. His Devil Fruit illustrates his manipulative nature, his outfit and feather coat show his flamboyance and his successful underworld business, he actually looks like a world noble, etc..but I don't think his design overall is quite on the level of Aokiji's, probably because Doflamingo's character is much less complex than Aokiji's overall.

IV. Conclusion

In Conclusion, Aokiji is amazing. Doflamingo is also, but Aokiji is better. To briefly reiterate:
-Aokiji is a more morally complex and unique character than Doflamingo, with extremely unique philosophies and views in the world.
-Aokiji is an extremely standout antagonist who really has no equal in terms of who he is and what role he fills both in the story and in the world. Doflamingo is great, but he is also standard and is himself extremely similar to Crocodile who many would argue is better than him.
-Aokiji has one of the coolest introductions in the Manga, Doflamingo's introduction is just good.
-Aokiji has a truly well-rounded character character design that is meant to show who he is on a metaphorical level in a few different ways. Doflamingo does too, but not as well as Aokiji.

Doflamingo is no match for THE PHEASANT, and even Doflamingo himself knows it

So that's all I've got for now lol. @comrade you're up :)
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Sorry to keep you waiting Worstgen. :cheers:

To make this draft, I have to reread Impel Down :shame:
Marineford :risitasad:
Fishman Island :risicheck:
and Whole Cake Island :hapnoel:

And after rereading Jinbei's past, I have to say I appreciate Fisher Tiger and Aladdin more. :finally::finally::finally:

I think it's surprising to say this but I can relate to Hody Jones. Even though he's weak, he might be one of the best written villain. :sanmoji:

Time to talk about Jinbei, the best fishman in the series. His existence in the manga speaks wisdom, humility and bravery. Imo Jinbei is one of the most well written character in the series. Before talking about Jinbei, let's review what is shichibukai.

Shichibukai were a group of seven powerful and notorious pirates allied to the World Government. World Government pardoned their past felonies, but allowed them to continue committing crimes.
Because of this some countries have suffered from Shichibukai's tyranny.
- Crocodile caused war in Alabasta.
- Doflamingo ruled Dressrosa with iron fist and robbed memories of many citizens of their loved ones by turning their loved ones into toy.
- Moriah robbed freedom of Thriller Bark citizen by stealing their shadows.
- Blackbeard infiltrated Impel Down and freed Impel Down prisoners.
Jinbei is the exception of this trend. Jinbe is a fish-man of great pride and honor.
1. Introduction

Introduction plays a factor in how memorable a character would be. Character with bad introduction tends would be forgotten. However, with good introduction, a character can leave a good impression and make that character more memorable.

Jinbei was first mentioned by Yosaku. During his introduction, Jinbei was portrayed as villain who let Arlong roamed free in East Blue. The arc where Jinbei was first mentioned was also the introduction of fishmen race.
After we saw how cruel and ruthless Arlong would be, our imagination of Jinbei was he would be more ruthless than Arlong. This is what makes Jinbei interesting as a character. The impression he left us after Arlong Park arc. It was when Jinbei was re mentioned again by Sengoku that our impression of Jinbei change. Most of us thought Jinbei would be in World Government side and Luffy woul fight him just like other warlords but Jinbei was on Whitebeard said that time. It was interesting how Jinbei can change my impression from Luffy would be enemy just like other warlord into Luffy future ally in Impel Down. This is what sets Jinbei apart from other warlords.
This difference between Jinbei and other warlords are clearly seen during Jinbei's introduction in Impel Down.
Among warlords, Jinbei is the only one who was introduced as a struggler. He was the only one who opposed World Government in his introduction for the greater good while other warlords like Crocodile, Doflamingo, Kuma, Moriah, Boa and Mihawk were introduced as dominant individuals who had no care in the world.
This kind of introduction leaves Jinbei as the most honourable warlords and makes his introduction memorable which is a good foothold for the foundation of good character. Aokiji's introduction is good but it's not as memorable as Jinbei's introduction. When Yosaku mentioned Jinbei, it gave us the impression that Jinbei was evil. It was when Jinbei was introduced for the first time in Impel Down that we were shocked that Jinbei who we thought was evil since Arlong Park arc, turned out to be the most honourable and kindest shichibukai. This is what is lacking in Aokiji's introduction. Sure his introduction gave us mystery vibe but the point of introduction of a character is to create mystery of that character. Jinbei's introduction gave us mystery why did he want to help Whitebeard so much. Dragon's introduction gave us mystery who he was when Luffy was about to be executed by Buggy in Loguetown.

2. Character's Story Goal

Good character must have a goal in a story and reason that motivates that goal. Jinbe's dream, which he inherited from his former captain, Fisher Tiger, is the coexistence of humans and the undersea dwellers.
He initially resigned from Neptune's Royal Guards to join Tiger in his quest for equality,
and then allied himself with the World Government by becoming a Warlord of the Sea,
and with two Emperors (Edward Newgate and Charlotte Linlin) in order to protect the citizens of Fish-Man Island from being attacked.
However, as stated by the Sun Pirates, those actions were mostly for the benefit of others, as they encouraged him to follow his new desire to help Luffy become the next Pirate King.
There is a purpose of Jinbei's existence in the story and that is to erase the prejudice of humans on fishmen. The dream he has is the product of his past with Fisher Tiger. This is also what Aokiji lacks. What is the purpose of Aokiji in the story? Is he in the story just to serve the marine? If so he shares this goal with other admirals and he's not unique.

3. Character Trait

Character without flaw is a boring character. For character to have good characterization, that character beside having good points also must have flaws.
As former leader of Sun Pirates, Jinbei is well respected by his men. He is very loyal to his men and would not abandon them. This is evident when Jinbei refused Luffy's offer to join Straw Hat pirates because Jinbei was still in alliance with Big Mom pirates and didn't want to anger Big Mom pirates.

In Whole Cake Island, his loves for his crews who he spent majprity of times under Fish Tiger prevented him from joining Luffy.

He's also an experienced pirate and that experience made him a good tactician. In Whole Cake Island, Jinbei was the one who advised Luffy to team up with Bege to overthrow Big Mom.
Jinbe is a very perceptive and strategic man. He was able to deduce that when they tried to escape Impel Down, Magellan had all the Marine ships stationed outside the prison, knowing the prisoners would need a ship in order to escape.
This also makes Jinbe very well-aware of the danger around him, as when Big Mom would allow him to leave her crew so long as he spun her Roulette, Jinbe correctly deduced it was rigged to kill him no matter were he landed and instead chose to revolt instead and ally with Capone Bege to ensure his and his allies' survival.

Walking Vessel of Knowledge
Jinbei is also a walking vessel of knowledge. He drops us information about Big Mom Pirates and past of Capone Gang Bege.
News of next Fleet Admiral which would be the foundation for fitire arc.
News of Blackbeard and Whitebeard Pirates which would be the foundation of Wano where Marco would help Luffy.

Jinbe has also displayed great humility regarding his personal strength and status, a trait most unique among the Seven Warlords of the Sea. This was made apparent by his willingness to even lose his status for his refusal to fight against the Whitebeard Pirates.

As his nickname "Knight of the Sea". Jinbei is a man of valor. Jinbei protected Luffy with his own body from Akainu's magma fist. Jinbei even sacrificed his body to protect Luffy.

Dependable Ally
Character with good personality is appreciated however, but that alone is not good enough to make certain character lovable. That character also must fulfill his/her role which is placed upon them by author. Jinbei was introduced as warlord whose name was famous due to his journey with Fish Tigers. All warlords were also introduced with certain fighting styles that make them unique from each other. What makes Jinbei different from other warlords is he's the only fishman and he's the only one who can use Fishman Karate. Jinbei would be a bad character if Jinbei doesn't utilize his fighting style which makes him unique among all warlords. Before joining Luffy, Jinbei helped Luffy on multiple occassions.
He helped Luffy in Impel Down, defeated Moria and protected Luffy in Marineford. In Whole Cake Island his fighting style saved Straw Hat Pirates from Big Mom.

Comedic Moment
As a character, Jinbei is a serious and calm due to his experience with Sun Pirates. Beside that, Jinbei has some comedic moment.
1. In Fishman Island he lectured Luffy for ignoring his explanation about Akainu vs Aokiji and Whitebeard Pirates vs Blackbeard Pirates.
2. He showed shocked moment (Enel face) when he saw Shirahoshi and Megalo.
3. He also has rumour with naming strategy when he explained to Luffy a plan to save King Neptune.
4. He also showed shocked expression when Nami said that it was Zoro's fault that King Neptune got captured.

Jinbe proves to be able to treat some humans as equals and also acknowledge when he owes one a debt. While he is a fish-man with great emotional control, he is empathetic and understanding of the pains of others, such as being brought to tears when Luffy broke down from losing his brother in front of him after he had awoken from the battle at Marineford. Jinbe is also capable of crying aloud when someone dear to him is lost, such as Ace and Tiger.

Out of sympathy, Jinbe also convinced Shirahoshi not to regret her decision to not expose Hody's murder of her mother to honor Otohime's memory. Jibei also showed sympathy to humans that humans fear him and his fellow fishmen.

Quirk and Wisdom
Jinbei also has quirk that makes him different from other Straw Hat Pirates. Jinbei is one of the only person that Luffy is willing to listen to.
In Impel Down, Jinbei successfully persuaded Luffy to forget his grudge to Blackbeard and reprimanded him to save Ace. Jinbei also managed to persuade Luffy to help Fishman Island as a hero and persuade Luffy to cooperate with Bege even though Luffy was feeling aggressive toward Bege for hurting Pekom.

His life experiences and interactions with people as an orphan, soldier, and pirate gave Jinbe incredible wisdom, having became a supporter of Otohime's ideology in order to promote racial harmony, which most have considered impossible. When Ace died protecting Luffy, Jinbe was one of the few to truly empathize and understand Luffy's pain, having faced a similar past experience with his sworn brother Tiger's death. Thus, Jinbe had managed to successfully convince Luffy to stop lamenting his inability to save Ace by reminding him of his bonds with his crewmates.
Imo this is the best Jinbei's character trait since it's the product of Jinbei's past. He can understand what Luffy felt losing Ace since Jinbei himself also lost his brother Fishfer Tiger to World Government. Jinbei can relate himself to Luffy here.

However despite all of that, Jinbei still has flaws. One of his biggest flaw is he let Arlong ran rampage in East Blue knowing Arlong would attack humans. Despite this, Jinbei still let Arlong went to East Blue.
And later he felt guilt for this and apologized to Nami.
I think this is what makes Jinbei a better character than Aokiji since Jinbei has more character traits than Aokiji. Most of Jinbei's character traits are the product of his past with past. This is what Aokiji lacks imo.

Jinbei's flaw also feels more impact since it comes from his past. His guilt caused the death of Bellemere, Nami's adopted mother. No matter what Jinbei did can bring her back to life. That's why when Jinbei apologized to Nami we can feel the emotion since Jinbei was sincere with his apology. This is what Aokiji lacks too. His flaw is being lazy but that flaw is not the product from his past like Jinbei. From Jinbei we saw how Jinbei solved his flaw and how he regretted taht which led to him pologizing to Nami.

4. Character Development

Imo Jinbei has one of the best character development in the series. In his past, Jinbei didn't believe that Queen Otohime dream of fishman and human can live together would become reality.
This disbelief is highlighted when Jinbei mercilessly beat up humans, even Arlong one of the most cruel fishman asked Jinbei to stop.
But something changed him in his journey with Fisher Tiger. It was when he met Koala Jinbei considered the possibility of humans and Fishmen can coexist together.
However, there is a conflict within Jinbei's heart whether he believed humans and fishmen can coexist together or not when marines came to Koala's village to capture Fishmen Tiger. At this point most of Sun Pirates crew believed coexistence with humans were impossible especially Arlong
It was Fisher Tiger's death wish that made Jinbei back to believe the coexistence of humans and fishmen.
Jinbei has character development that he was willing to lose his Shichibukai status to help Whitebeard.
Criying for Ace's death.
Laughing when he was with Luffy and other Straw Hat Pirates when he heard Luffy complimented Judge who mocked Sanji for his flaws.
But Jinbei's biggest character development is when he was willing to give his blood with Luffy. Coexistence between humans and fishmen are impossible to attain after Queen Otohime's death. Fisher Tiger even in his death bed, even though he wanted for the coexistence between humans and fishmen, he didn't want to receive humans blood and cannot get rid of the hatred he had for humans. You don't get rid of years and years of prejudice between races within just one day. But the fact that one person, Jinbei, took the initiative to share his blood with a human, had broken the law that had separated the bond and trust between fishmen and human.
Imo Jinbei's character development is more fleshed out than Aokiji. We saw how Jinbei initially thought coexistence with humans were impossible until he met Koala and heard Fusher Tiger's death wish. And that past changed Jinbei into fishman who was willing to sacrifice his life to save Luffy, a human, cried for the death of human (Ace) and gave his blood to Luffy which broke the trend that fishmen can't give blood to humans and vice versa (this is the ultimate character development for Jinbei since he was willing to give his blood to human, something that old Jinbei wouldn't be able to due to his hatred for humans).

5. Build Up to be Straw Hat Pirates Member

Imo Jinbei has the best build up when it comes to joining Straw Hat Pirates.

Friendship with Luffy
All Straw Hat members were recruited by Luffy. So for Jinbei to be recruited by Luffy, he has to develop his bond with Luffy first. Jinbei's bond with Luffy is highlighted by Oda in Impel Down, Jinbei's first appearance.

1. First of all Jinbei owed a huge debt to Whitebeard since Whitebeard claimed Fishman Island as his own territories. All pirates who go to the New World have to pass Fishman Island and as a result of that many mermaids were abducted. However this stopped when Whitebeard claimed Fishman Island as his own territory. And because of that Jinbei was willing to sacrifice his life for Whitebeard.

2. Later when Luffy broke down Impel Down, Jinbei heard how reckless Luffy was from Ace himself. This is a good build up for bind between Luffy and Jinbei since first expression is important for someone to develop a bond with someone he has never met.

3. Luffy then freed Jinbei from his own cell. This is the beginning of the bond between Luffy and Jinbei. Jinbei owed debt to Luffy not only because Luffy freed him but also because Jinbei could help Whitebeard in a war, someone who he has respect the most for protecting Fishman Island.

4. Perhaps the biggest moment that build up Luffy's moment with Jinbei was when Jinbei asked Luffy to focus in saving Ace instead of fighting Blackbeard due to Luffy's own grudge. The fact that Luffy listened to Jinbei showed Luffy had shown respect to Jinbei.

5. It was later highlighted by Oda that the reason Jinbei helped Luffy beside his debt for freeing him, it was also due to sense of guilt he felt to Luffy crews when Jinbei didn't stop Arlong to go to East Blue. And from this moment too Jinbei revealed his status as former shichibukai which shocked Luffy and Buggy.

6a. In Marineford, when Jinbei protected Luffy from Akainu, Oda highlighted the reason Jinbei protected Luffy was not only due to debt and guilt but also the respect he has for Luffy. This was shown in Jinbei's flashback that he would help the person he respects.

This respect might show when Luffy was adamantly wanted to save Ace which was also Jinbei's main mission, to help Whitebeard Pirates and he was willing to sacrifice his life to do it.

6b. Not only that, Whitebeard being someone that Jinbei respects the most (Jinbei even was willing to sacrifice his life and shichibukai status to stop the war) asked his allies to help Luffy from now on.

6c. This is evident when Jinbei sacrificed his body to protect Luffy from Akainu's magma fist.

7. Jinbei showed that he cared for Luffy a lot. In this moment Jinbei was the one who convinced Luffy to stay strong after Ace's death since Luffy still has his crews. This moment also mirrors Jinbei since Jinbei also lost his brother Fisher Tiger in the hand of marines.

8. The final step of Luffy's bond with Jinbei was when Jinbei gave his blood to Luffy and when Luffy asked Jinbei to join his crew.. That signified how deep their bond and how far they came.

All Straw Hat crews have past that are connected to their dreams. Jinbei's role in Fishman Island was to introduce Jinbei's past and Oda way to highlight Jinbei's dream. From his past, we learn the prejudice of humans toward fishmen and the motivation of Jinbei's dream from Fisher Tiger.

Role as Helmsman
All crews in Straw Hat have roles. Jinbei's specific role is helmsman. As helmsman, Oda did a good job displaying Jinbei's helmsman skill in Whole Cake Island when Jinbei saved Thousand Sunny from Big Mom.

Imo Oda did a good job in preparing Jinbei as Straw Hat members. His bond with Luffy in Impel Down and how he sacrificed his body to protect Luffy from Akainu made Jinbei a man worthy of respect.

Jinbei was the one who reprimanded Luffy after Luffy lost Ace that Luffy still has his crews.
And in Fishman Island is a set up for Jinbei's past and Jinbei's dream. That arc is also the ultimate development of Jinbei from fishman hating human to giving his blood to Luffy, human. It also set up the theme of Jinbei about the coexistence of different race which we can relate in society since racism is common in our today society.

And Whole Cake Island is a set up of Jinbei's role. How Jinbei used his helmsman skill to save Straw Hat Pirates from Big Mom is a good writing by oda.

But the best build up is when Jinbei refused to help Luffy because he didn't want to abandon Sun Pirates who went through happy and pain with him since his past with Fisher Tiger. This makes Jinbei different from other Straw Hat and makes Jinbei more complex since he had to decide who he had to go with and he chose to save Sun Pirates, his comrades.
It was in Onigashima that Jinbei was officially Straw Hat Pirates member.

6. Theme

Jinbei's theme in the series is the coexistence of two different races. Jinbei's moment giving his blood with Luffy also represents our world. Rascim exists everywhere in this planet and lots of person don't want to be mixt with other people because of their apperarence, religion... But we share the same blood, the same blood is shed at every conflits and I think that we must accept people who are different from us. Difference is not a reason to persecuted someone. The Queen's attitude towards humans was remarkable because even if humans hurted her race she was determined to create a way between Fishmen and Humans and she didn't want that children have hatred in themselves

However it's hard to find what theme Aokiji represents. If it's justice, we have many characters in One Piece who with justice theme like Sengoku, Akainu, Kizaru and Fujitora. Imo Aokiji is also no the only complex character from marine. Fujitora complexity is more highlighted when Fujitora had a debate with Akainu, apologized to Dressrosa citizens and openly wanted to abolish shichibukai system. Smoker also shares this trait where he let Straw Hat crews go after Luffy asked Zoro to helpd Smoke from being drowned in Rainbase.
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