General & Others Last 4 crew members = warlords

Just turning a random post into a thread…

So this “theory” only works if kuma somehow joined the crew either through his original body, a replacement, his memories, or something else I can’t think of

Kuma is already a major ally to the strawhats with just how much he’s helped them since sabaody. It also being revealed just how much of a believer/supporter of nika he’s obviously a big fan of luffy. As for his role on the ship maybe he could be the ship guard like the nylon brothers.

His fruit also fits the old number theory. Ivankov saying that the fruit gives him hands of liberation is even more fitting

We already got 1 former warlord with Jinbe and Kuma joining would make 2 obviously…
As for the potential 3rd former warlord that could join I think Hancock makes sense. Her joining to fully cure her love sickness and follow in the steps of the previous empresses

  1. Gloriosa joined rocks to cure her love sickness
  2. Shakky was probably with the roger pirates for a bit getting chased by Garp
  3. The previous emperor maybe being with roux and the red haired pirates
  4. Hancock fell luffy so maybe she’ll do the same

Nami coincidentally also wore an outfit similar to both robin and Hancock during loguetown. As for her role man idk look out maybe lol

At that point getting a 4th warlord to join only makes sense so we get 4 members in each sea

Jinbe, kuma, and Hancock were coincidentally all allies with luffy pre timeskip
The only other “friendly” warlords with luffy pre timeskip were mihawk and crocodile at certain points…

  • Mihawk always being a pretty interested in luffy’s growth and how far he’ll go since he heard of him through shanks
  • Crocodile being his mom… but more seriously then being on semi good terms through impel down and marineford
All that being said neither of them is going to become a strawhat obviously

That’s were the seraphim can play a role. With them representing the warlords they’re based on without actually being them again obviously

S-crocodile is grouped with gecko and flamingo all 3 being clones of arc antagonists

S-hawk is grouped with snake, shark, and bear all 3 being essentially allies to the strawhats

Aka mihawk aka s-hawk for nakama >>> crocodile


Going back to Hancock I also think her seraphim joining instead could be a cool alternative. As for what the og would be doing imo Neo rocks would be dope

Hawk and snake being pirate apprentices sounds cute imo. Whitebeard had Marco and jozu, roger had shanks and buggy, and oden had inu and neko at least at sea. So the strawhats having 2 as well would be cool. I still like the thought of Bonney joining way more but eh if she doesn’t and we do get a pair of apprentices…
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As final 4th ex Shichibukai joining Strawhat I see Edward Weeble more than Mihawk or Crocodile :gokulaugh:
I think weevil might end up regathering the wbp remnants as their protector in a way. Also potentially teaming up with katakuri, Yamato, and maybe Hancock

Hawk and joining together could be cool cause not only do lots of apprentices come in duos like
  1. Shanks and buggy
  2. Marco and jozu
  3. Inuarashi and Nekomamushi
But Hancock and mihawk might actually be related
I choose Weeble only for the old alphabet theory:
I-J Jinbe
G-H Boa Hancock
W-X Edward Weevil
But It could work also with Trafalgar D. Water Law

It would also fit the famouse color spread of the 4 nationality changes of the Strawhat that I believe are foreshadowing and not changes:
- India: Jinbe (confirmed)
- China: Hancock
- Germany: Law
- England: Kuma