Questions & Mysteries Lets say Zoro doesnt knock out Sanji in end of thriller bark

Sanji tanked insane attacks even from the likes on Enel.

He's always been a durable monster, even before his Germa body modifications awakened. He could crush rocks and bend steel long before he even developed Diable Jambe. Consider the fact he can withstand the pressures of the deep ocean depths.

That said, I think Oda would sooner have rewritten that scene to feature both Zoro and Sanji - the eventual Pirate King's "wings" - sharing the burden of their captain's pain. Oda could've used that situation to plant the seed of Sanji, fearing his body and mind changeas a consequence of surviving, asking Zoro to kill him if he ever changes.
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I was hoping that it would be like this:

Zoro didn't knock him out, Sanji stands up to Kuma like he did. Then Kuma asks both Zoro and Sanji to take Luffy's pain to prove their willpower and loyalty. They both accepted. Both tanked pains and got fainted. And they get discovered by Brook and gets treated. Then the rest plays the same the as the original ending.

If this were to happens, less people would hate Sanji more.
Number 4 could barely stand lol
Luffy's pain would've kill him for real :usoprice:
Why you hate Sanji so much?
I think so, one life for another seems fair, which luffy is more valuable? Yes, it's the captain, if Kuma accepted the deal with Zoro, who is the same as a subordinate, he would do the same with Sanji, who is also a subordinate.

here the goals of zoro or sanji do not matter, both are subordinates, and if kuma accepted zoro, he would do the same with sanji.

P.S; sanji would resist luffy's pain, just like zoro did.