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'Worstgen Salem of Lies' Official Calendar + Light Games
This thread is used to maintain a schedule of games and contains information on past games.
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Worstgen Salem of Lies Coaches
The following members will act as Coaches who will assist new hosts and ensure the smooth functioning of the Mafia section.
@AL sama, @Dragomir, @Zem

Worstgen Salem of Lies Approved Hosts
The following members are "approved" hosts who do not need the assistance of a Coach to run their games.
@AL sama, @Dragomir, @Zem

Upcoming & Ongoing Games
1. The time I got reincarnated as a slime - @MistyCatGoddess coached by @Zemmi UPCOMING
2. United Nations - @Xlaw
3. Salem Secret Wars - @oddoddfruit coached by @Zemmi
4. Death Note - @Ratchet
5. Town of Salem: Gems - @MistyCatGoddess
6. Court of Law - @Noctis
7. The Hidden Traitor - @Wris coached by @AL sama
8. Return of Kings - @Flower
9. Town of Salem - @Yo Tan Wa coached by @AL sama
10. Breaking Bad - @Yo Tan Wa
Completed Games

Town of Salem - @AL sama WINNER ---> TOWN
Throne of Lies - @Dragomir WINNER ---> CULT/MAFIA
Town of Madness, Sadness, and Lies - @Melontonin WINNER ---> TOWN & SURVIVOR
Throne of Lies II - @Queen coached by @Dragomir WINNER ---> CULT/MAFIA & SURVIVOR
Town of Salem (Test Game) - @Zem WINNER ---> TOWN
Town of Salem (Test 2) - @Zemmi WINNER ---> VAMPIRES
Town of Salem - @Xlaw WINNER ---> TOWN
Phineas and Ferb - @Xlaw coached by @Dragomir WINNER ---> MAFIA
Throne of Lies III - @Tris coached by @Dragomir WINNER ---> BLUE DRAGON/TOWN
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We will be alternating games types in this section.

@MistyCatGoddess @oddoddfruit @Wris @Noctis @Xlaw @Yo Tan Wa @Ratchet

Meaning it will go in this order.

1.) ToS
3.) ToL

If there isn't a current game signed up for a certain type it will jump to the next person in line signed up for the next type.

This will be to give all 3 types in the section their glory, and give players chance to play all 3 types somewhat regularly instead of having to wait for 5 ToS games before they could see the other two types.

There will also be a week break between the games in this calendar to give the other calendar more breathing room for the players who want to play all the games types but not feel overwhelmed by too many games at once.

If you have any questions/concerns/Suggestion let myself, @Dragomir or @AL sama know.