Lilith and Naamah Vs. Licht and Lumiere



Battle Conditions

- Win by any means
- Characters starts 50 m apart
- R.1 Fight Takes Place at Dressrosa
When u do more VS. battles in the future make sure to include more info like Prime or which state of the character u want + if they are arcane or not. This is very important in this series.

Prime and Arcane version of Licht/Lumiere clears this in upper Low diff.

Lumiere and Licht from Elf Reincarnation arc get bodied in Low to Neg diff.
Will do... and thanks! I just make 2 rounds then
You can use this for reference:

and when it comes to people. It depends on people's mood if they will want to talk about matchups they will but you need to tag people.

For the tags.

Go to the latest official chapter thread that is pinned at the top of the section and just see who is tagged and do the same xD.

Results should be better.

Cheers mate.
Really there is no argument for Licht and Lumiere winning this when Zagred was too much for them. Zagred is probably the same level as either Lilith or Naamah, this is just way too much firepower against the Wizard kings.
I think the implication is that Zagred is individually weaker than Lilith and Naamah. Lucifero called him a High-Ranking Devil, but all the devils in the Tree of Qliphoth have been referred to as the Highest Ranking Devils. One could argue it's just a matter of translation but after watching the anime, the kanjis seem to clearly be different. Zagred was referred to as Jōi Akuma (High Ranking Devil), and every devil of the Tree as Saijōi Akuma (Highest Ranking Devil or Supreme Devil according to the Viz Translation). Taking that into account, I would say it's something like this:

Highest Ranking Devil (or Supreme Devil) > High Ranking Devil (Zagred) >> Mid Ranking Devil >> Low Ranking Devil.

There are bound to be clear power gaps as well even among the Supreme Devils. Lucifero will probably be >> Lilith and Naamah.

- Round 1: The Devils win without too much trouble. It's not even clear that this version of both Wizard Kings would have been capable of successfully defeating/killing Zagred for good and Lilith and Naamah are most likely individually stronger than him.

- Round 2: No idea, we don't have a way of knowing how far were Lumiere and Licht from their Prime selves during that fight, especially Lumiere, but I would say it's still a win for Lilith and Naamah. They should be capable of freezing/burning everything the Wizard Kings throw at them considering even invisible concepts or concepts that don't really exist can be affected by their magic.

This begs the question as to how overpowered is Union Mode Asta currently and how OP are going to be the remaining devils of the lower floors. Man, I think we're going to have a nice power creep in this arc. In fact, I think the power-creep is already starting.