Name: Link, Gil-Link Ereinion (Full Name) | Race: Human | RP Debut: Krieg Pirates - .
Affiliation: Marines | Occupation: Commodore | Alias: "The Wanderer"
Age: Nineteen (Biologically) | Height: 5'10 | Weight: 160lbs
EXP: 121,080 | Current Level: 51
Gil-Link Ereinion, otherwise known as Link is currently a Commodore within the Marines. He was conscripted through the World Military Draft after the paramount war.

Appearance ~
His attire if of a sky blue tunic with a olive grey undershirt. With Khaki pant's/trousers followed with brown boots. He also has brown cut off finger tip's leather gloves, multiple strap's and belts across his body used to carry his weaponry. He also has his signature Sword. Link's eyes are said to be beautiful glowing blue, with brownish blondish hair.
Link a sturdy young man in his late teens with a slender physique and soft, white skin. He has messy golden hair that seems “as if sprinkled with golden dust.” His face shows some signs of naivety and displays elegance with piercing crimson eyes like that of a beast. He now supports a fine designer expensive tailored three-piece suit (specifically darker colors). Will on occasions ditch the entire three-piece suit and just wear a plain white shirt with a black tie (though color on the tie ranges in colors) and a pair of dark trousers. He also posses a range of waistcoats and has a collection of gloves from black and red. He will often don a tan trench coat within one pocket holding his cigars or cigarette box with lighter and in the other a full flask of whisky. Though the placement of where the flask varies to even a placing it within a handgun chest holster. He also has a collection of Masquerade masks to hide his face ranging from just covering his eye, to half his face and all his face just minus one of his eyes.

Personality, Background & History will be worked on soon ...

Level 54, 54 x 5 = 270
Human Race Bonus Boost: +10 in Strength, Agility and Vitality | +15 in Fighting Styles
Strength: 51 + 10 = 61
Agility: 51 + 10 = 61 x 2 = 122
>Reaction Speed: 61
>Movement Speed: 61
Vitality: 51 + 10 = 61 x 2 = 122
>Resilience: 61
>Endurance: 61
Haki: 41, 41 x 2 = 82
>Armament Haki: 61
>Observation Haki (Awareness) : 21
Fighting Style: 56 + 15 = 71 x 2 = 132
>Rokushiki: 61
>Swordsmanship: 71
Gil-Link Ereinion's design and concept is a amalgam of characters, ranging from Link from The Legend of Zelda (Breath of the Wild), Gilgamesh (Archer and Prototype) from the Fate franchise, Artoria Pendragon (Prototype) also from the Fate franchise, Richard Lionheart another from the Fate franchise, John Constantine from DC Comics and Lucifer Morningstar (Mike Carey's run on Lucifer) from Pre-New 52 version.

Gil-Link Ereinion's name is comprised of a mixture, "Gil" comes from Lord of the Rings that means ("Star"), "Link" the character from The Legend of Zelda. Ereinion means "Son of Kings", from erain ("Kings") and ion ("Son").
Link vs Krieg Pirates minus Gin
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