Island Loguetown

Riding upon the shoulder of a charging Giant had honestly been one of the most thrilling experiences in Malcolm's life. However, Malcolm's sense of exhilaration was immediately snuffed out like a candle wick when he heard the sorrowful voice of his new Captain.
"Skoll...." Hakucha says, looking back out onto the island behind them. Both hands were covering her mouth as her eyes, widened in shock, slowly swelled with tears.

On the island behind them was a scene of mass carnage. Hundreds of dead Civilians lay scattered about, killed by the chaos of Skoll's retreat. On the shoreline, civilians lie dead in the streets, killed from the impact of the tsunami which had smashed into them before they could escape. On the row of streets that Skoll had ran over, the buildings surrounding the streets were all leaning forward as wounded civilians struggled to get out of them. In the now destroyed spot where Skoll had jumped, masses of dead civilians were scattered about, and the buildings that had been sent flying as a result had destroyed the other buildings that they landed on, and surrounding the debris were groups of people trying to unbury people who likely lay dead inside.

"We forgot about...." Hakucha says as tears stream down her face.
Malcolm was struck by an overwhelming wave of regret at the lives lost in the destruction that followed Skoll's method of escape.

Verily, I hath not anticipated the sheer collateral devastation that Skoll is capable of by simply moving his bulk. It would seem that Giants are truly worthy of their reputation.
"We are Pirates, little dwarf. This is a consequence of that life. Many will die as a result of our actions. Now, dry your tears. This is a time for celebration, not grief."

Hakucha dries her tears with her arm. "....Okay..." she says after a large sniffle.
Malcolm was somewhat torn on how to react to this interaction.

While Skoll is certainly not wrong and Hakucha doth need to become less naive, I cannot help but feel she requires at least a few choice words of comfort.

Before Malcolm could make any kind of decision however, his attention was caught by Kyria.
"Npc talking"

My head dunked into something hard as I briefly regained conciousness. My body was jostled about, what's going on? In my groggy state I did not have the presence of mind to be surprised that I was laying on the giant shoulder of Skoll, Malcolm right beside me.
Shame filled me as I said very quietly:

"I'm sorry"

I could already feel myself slipping back into unconciousness, but before I went.. I took a strand of Skoll's hair and knit it around my left arm to hold myself in place.

Then I fell asleep once more. Never seeing the spectacular destruction in Skoll's wake, or the magnificent jump that took us off the island and into the ocean.
While Malcolm was quietly surprised by the apology, he still remained greatly unimpressed with Kyria regardless. Caring not for whether his fellow crew mate was still conscious, Malcolm responded in turn with open disdain.

"If thou art truly sorry then thou shalt prove it by learning from thine own mistakes on this day in order to never repeat them."

With his piece to Kyria said, Malcolm turned back to Hakucha, his voice pleasant and comforting, his words softly spoken.

"There is no shame in showing regret for what has transpired here, for the civilian lives that were unfortunately lost."

"However, none of us had any intention of surrendering. Thus our choices were limited to flight or fight. While our escape hath admittedly caused significant collateral damage, it is nothing compared to the carnage that would have been wrought had we fought. Between mineself, Skoll, Kyria and that Marine Captain, Loguetown would have been veritably razed to the ground."

"So although it may not seem like it to thee, thou hath saved many lives by ordering us to flee. For sometimes thou cannot save everyone that thou desires to, so thou must settle for saving as many as thou can do."

Malcolm sat in silence, hoping his words would bring some small amount of peace to the quiet dwarf.