Versus Battle Lord Boros, The Dominator vs Awakened Garou, The Hero Hunter



Gotta see Awakened Garouโ€™s manga feats first for this one, unfair matchup until then, Boros has already gotten his manga/anime boost.

Though, even then, i donโ€™t see AG countering Borosโ€™ Collapsing Star Roaring Cannon, giving Boros the edge.

Would love to see this fight though, two biggest titans aside from Saitama fighting it out. Hopefully a spin off one day.
Mangaka's reply;

''Before, Boros was definitely the stronger one, but Garou is now a near-perfect monster. I don't really know. A good match... I do believe Garou is stronger in close combat where things like punches and kicks can generally be avoided.''

As he said, in close combat Garou is superior. But overall, it's a good match, and he doesn't know who wins.

This could be seen as Genos vs. Sonic, Sonic also had advantage in close combat due to his speed, but Sonic also had no counter for Genos's AoE Energy blasts, which mangaka also said their fight would be a ''draw'' if Saitama didn't interfere.

There is no reason to not see this as a ''draw'', Garou is superior in close combat, but Garou can't deal with Boros's continental level energy blasts.
The force of another dimension created by "for real", which not even the "S" class heroes have reached. When Saitama pronounces "for real", this strength trumps Classse "S" heroes and creatures of calamity level 'God', if he has the calm to fight with punches, instead of using specific techniques he must surely still have some tricks. on the sleeve.
Garou and continental!!
Boros and planetarium.
Boros was defeated by a punch from the series "for real".​

I don't know if I read the previous version, but in the translation it said that the BOROS attack would only destroy the Earth's surface, which means that BOROS is classified as (small planet).

But, in the databook he says: "The desperate crash that will destroy the earth", "boros releases his technique, a desperate resource that will make the earth evaporate".

Name of technique: bang destroyer of planet.​

He just needs to evaporate the earth to win.

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Btw, these two are ''God level'' based on this statement,

And the earlier one where ONE says that it's a good fight, and he doesn't know who wins. Both Boros and Prime Garou are God level.
In addition to what I mentioned above, SAITAMA didn't need to use a punch from the series "for real, serious punch" on BOROS, he didn't necessarily need a real punch, the punch he used on OROCHI but having direct contact with the body from BOROS, the wind caused by saitama's punch, swept away BOROS' energy wave, and killed him, saitama uses his punches "for real, serious" for god level creature, the energy wave that BOROS fired was planetary level , saitama used it to deal with the energy wave, and the attack wind (wave) ended up killing BOROS.

This confirms the GAROU's chance in its awakened form versus BOROS, the GAROU would not necessarily need to have the same AP as SAITAMA's punch to kill the BOROS.

And about the centipede and Gouketsu , you can't measure their power, they were probably the strongest executives because they were stopped by SAITAMA themselves, in OROCHI's speech it is evident that they were very strong, in my opinion as a reader, they just they were eliminated before by SAITAMA himself because if they received BUFF like the current executives they would be unstoppable and very strong for the heroes.
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