Theory Lost in Time: The Prodigal Son of Ryuma and Wano, Roronoa Zoro

Do you think Zoro is Ryuma's son?

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Another parallel I would like to draw for you is.

Ryuma was looking for "king" but didn't knew he was the "King" himself.

both in the fight with kaido and king.

Kaido - You uses it too?
zoro - I don't know what you talking about ( Doesn't know he is a king(colour of supreme/king haki) himself )

King - so you want to be king ? or have kingly ambitions. (they both just want to beat the strongest. )
zoro - says some crap with luffy dreams.

again doesn't care being a king himself.

zoro would never know he had conqueror's king. he just keep on being one.

And I like the theory of sending moria and shiryuu to wano. oda won't show us moria just before wano with blackbeard.

zombie kaido is coming.
Yeah, I love how Zoro's ambition is to rule himself, rather than others. It's why he and Luffy get along so well. Good point, it's funny how Zoro does so much without realizing it.

I try to come up with ridiculous theories that have some sensible backing, because Oda loves throwing curveballs and subverting expectations. More fun than playing it safe, IMO.

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Nice theory I also have thought abt zoro and time travelling but very very very long also you look up too much to bb
My thing with Black Beard is, what has he done Post Time Skip? Is BB just going to wait until Laugh Tale to make moves? To me, he needs to show up soon, and give Luffy a direct reason to hate him.

Black Beard moving on Wano, and killing people in Wano, would give Luffy a real reason to hate him.

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I like the Zombie Kaido theory. It's allows ZKK to happen without it truly being Kaido just a shell of him but technically ZKK.
This is what I like most about ZKZK: it cleans up a lot of plot threads (Zoro's past, Moria's plotline, Kaido's death, Enma/Oden's Will), has a lot of parallels with prior plot threads (Zombie Ryuma vs Zoro, Oden/Zoro vs Kaido, Moria vs Kaido) and also gives us a clear path into the Straw Hats hunting down Black Beard. It's a crazy theory, but it would satisfy a lot of plot for me (but probably piss off a lot of others).

I actually don't think Zoro Kills Kaido would be that crazy, because we've seen so many references to him and Oden, and Zoro has inherited Oden's Will. To me, Ryuma being Zoro's dad would be the giant nuke that turns this fanbase mad. Can you imagine how angry people will be? I'm ready for Oda to troll us in the best was possible, honestly.

If it does happen, I hope people don't act like Zoro is strong because of Ryuma. Sanji had the least power of his siblings, and became stronger than any of them, by working hard. The reason Zoro and Sanji are power-houses is because of the work they put in, not just their parents. Same with Luffy. Luffy was weak as hell at the beginning of the series. He got where he is by working his ass off.