Questions & Mysteries Luffy’s Strawhat has no power but a symbol?

roger gave his straw hat to shanks and shanks gave it to luffy. The strawhat kinda symbolizing friendship right?

In Fishmen island, in their poneglyph says that Joyboy was apologizing to the mermaid princess on his time.

Also the sea kings said that they were waiting for their two kings to meet. Which is shirahoshi and who!? Was it luffy? Or another different powerful entity? So what if!

what if this aint luffy that the sea kings talks aboit but it was the king of the giants? There was a promise once upon a time beetween this two kings which is shirahoshi and the king of the giants during the void century…

over the time this probably was forgotten or only few people knew about it or kingdom affairs was so much that they dont have a time for such things that they ended up not looking forward for it… who knows…

anyway i think Luffy and his strawhat real reason was for this two kings too meet again. And whatever will happen if they meet again would probably huge!! Imagine the strongest army in the land and the strongest army in the sea would meet up because of Luffy
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I have an ardent sensation it also symbolizes freedom. 🤔

I imagine that Luffy is probably the man destined to walk the path of Joy Boy despite no Joy Boy himself probably.
It was pretty obvious when Ace made a literal straw hat for oars. Even if you look at the name oars. Oars moves a boat through water. His ancestor pulled islands around through water. And Shirahoshi will uses noah and the seakings to pull their people trough the water. Thats why Noah has chains in the first place.

Thers a promises the fishman people oars Zumisha etc. All involve promises, pulling people along etc and the name one piece is obvious.

Oars pulling islands, zunisha is a walking island and Noah is a boat capable of cwrrying an island worth of people. Fishman island will be destroyed and luffy will likely pull a few if not all islands in the new world into a continent. Ots obvious in Oda's writing. BM want to create a kand with all rwces of people, kaidou wants to devour the world in war, shanks wants to keep balance in the world... for now.

Dragon want to destroy the WG. All these things involve uniting people and the strawhat represent freindship or alliance.

Luffy also has every rqce in his fleet. The horned ppl (yamato) the dwarves(leo) long arm and long legged people(Jenbe) Giants. Everything but snake people at this point. So he will unite all races on this earth somewhere likely One Piece and the strawhats will represent unity or the will of D.

D stands for unity or Danketsu in japanese.


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Wonder if the hat is also a living thing since we know in the series it is possible to hear the voice of things. That may work with pretty much anything. Not sure.