General & Others Luffy got 1.5 b after he beat Kata. Zoro got 1.1 b after he beat King. Levels. Morgan has nothing to do with Luffy 1.5 B bounty


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Germa and Caesar ran away. They took L

On the other hand it was zoLo who took L. Fainted from Yeti Cool Brothers and Kamazo.

Keep coping.

Who reported to WG about WCI? Stussy or Morgans? :myman:
Ran away from what? They could have killed kata after caesar neg diffed him if they wanted to


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I see you have no argument Zoro took L from Yeti Cool Brothers who could have killed him if they wanted to :myman:

Caesar negged Katakuri but Katakuri took 0 damage. :myman:

What about Zoro who fainted to Kamazo and Yeti Cool Brothers?
Dont give a shit about zoro mate. Kata only took 0 damage because caesar wanted him to take 0 damage.
Also he still damage from ovens hakiless punch
Luffy commands people under him. His influence increased after dressrosa with the introduction of grand fleet. even if he beat a yc1. his bounty shouldn't have easily crossed 1 B.
It's overall thing and considering how harmful he is to the WG. Not just combact ability.

and Zoro getting 1.1 B is still joke to me. He is easily 1.6-2.2 B character. surpassing boa and crocodile.

and crocodile due to his influece got 1.9 B.
So influence and harmful idea agaisnt the WG do put up a bounty for you.

zoro was a pirate hunter not a marine hunter. WG has no reaosn to fear zoro except his a powerhouse for strawhat.
his bounty is purely his combact skills. unlike luffy.