Speculations Luffy is going to cause severe pain to Momo or Yamato in this fight with Kaido

It’s clear that Luffy is not taking this fight as serious since he awakened his fruit and with his intense strength he likely doesn’t think he needs to.

In a way it’s a more comical version of Gohan vs Cell. This makes me think, what will Oda do to make Luffy take this fight serious despite the fun he’s having. The only thing I can imagine if he is responsible for a great amount of pain for Yamato or Momo. As this would explain as to why these two are still here.

The way I can see it going down is Kaido unleashing a new boro breath much more powerful than the others and Luffy reflects it back with his awakening; however, he misses and it ends up almost hitting Momo except Yamato jumps in front of him.

After this Luffy will get a flashback of what he saw when Ace died and Luffy would fall but rise again much more serious than before.
You are over thinking.

After reading the recent chapters again, I would say it is not that Luffy is not serious. It's just that Luffy's fruit itself is affecting his personality. Sun god has will of it's own.


𝓟𝓲𝓻𝓪𝓽𝓮 𝓠𝓾𝓮𝓮𝓷
I wouldn't call Luffy not being serious, he's clearly taking the fight seriously and is honestly enjoying it as well (you can see glimpses of more classic Luffy when he reawakens his G5 and laughs at the idea of dying, or near the very end when he's stating he's having fun fighting Kaidou). The Nika fruit just seems to make him behave differently, as if the little inhibition behaviour he had is turned off and he just turns into 100% goofball mode as he fights, perhaps through the will of the fruit as the gorosei mentioned.