General & Others Luffy Vs Kaido, Rate The Fight on a scale of 1-10

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If we just focusing only on Luffy vs Kaido, then its pretty mid. I wanted to give it a seven, but that might be too high. 6/10 sounds right
6/10 for me. I really like the G4 and drunk Kaido portion. The Gear 5 stuff kills what is supposed to be the climax of the fight which is usually the best part, so that diminishes it quite a bit.
Kaido is such a poorly written chAracter that even if the fight itself was epic, he brings it all the way down. Just no substance to him. Disappointing.
What do you expect from him? He's a warmonger. His life and ambition revolves around violence and conflict for the fun of it.

It's kinda refreshing just to see a character without a sob, tearjerking backstory