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in terms of combat only:
end of 1036 + 1037 + end of 1041 + 1042 = 7-8/10
the rest is average 4-5/10.

the dialogue was pretty bad.

overall 7/10.
7/10 couldve been a 10 cause kaido is fuckin amazing and luffys awakening was also fuckin dope,but making the strongest creature in the world a jump rope and letting 9 dudes who he wanted to kill for 20 years live after fighting him just took away all the tension. +The ending was just *big punch*

Choreography and concepts,as well as kaidos character and his Interaction with luffy couldve made this a 10/10 but oda had to fuck around
That's a technicality, it grazed Luffy.. He dodged the attack more than getting hit by it..
No,he literally got hit stop makin shit up.
Luffy himself says something along the lines if "even when i see the future he's still too fast" while bleeding from his fuckin head.
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Did Zoro hit Kaido with dragon blaze then? It hit Kaido since kaido bled a tiny bit, so that move is worthless.

Or did he dodge it.
STOP MAKIN SHIT UP . That attack didnt even touch kaido,it chopped the horn of off fuckin onigashima tho ,go reread
Roof piece with everyone vs Kaido was great. Kings Haki Luffy vs Kaido was great. The CP0 moment was great, and Gear 5 was exceptional in terms of creativity.
This was the best fight of the series.