Future Events Luffy will not finally have a rival of his level like Roger with Garp or Whitebeard

I guess it's hard to make a rival of Luffy's level when the pirate who has the most potential to be at his level, if not already on the same level, is on the same crew.


However, there is BB.

Also, Kidd still has the potential. Don't lose hope, aCoC will be normalized soon, so he's gonna have it too.
Luffy will peak faster while the others just take more time
Kid and law being his newgate and shiki
Koby and smoker his garp and sengoku

Its obviously not a 1 to 1 exact copy but thats how i see it

Teach is more like his xebec imo
Seeing Kidd and Law stall BM herself, imo both of em are still pack quite a punch and worthy of being Luffy's rival, although i still favor Luffy's powerlevel over them. And also, prime BB and Imu might be the next line of Luffy's rivel or nemesis regardless of the hate that will bloom between Luffy and them
He doesn't have any real rival except BB for now. It'd be great if he have 2 or 3 rivals the story would be much more interesting imo.
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Imagine the hilarious reaction of Kidd and Law fans if their characters will get stronger hoping that they can catch up with Luffy post EoS but there shall be no roaming of the seas for Post EoS Luffy.