Speculations Luffy will use Snakeman to beat Kaido

Gear 4 is just a waste of haki at this point, it only operate on tensile strength and pure physical power, completely separate damage source from advanced haki coating.

Kaido has revealed the reason luffy lost is because his usage of CoC coating is crude and clumsy, so that's what's gonna matter in the end.
Snakeman is used for guys like Katakuri or Kizaru or something.

For Kaido Boundman is the way to go.

Infused King King King Kong Gatling would honestly end Kaido:zosleepy:
The gatling version of this would be devastating. Only wish this attack was canon:josad:
You don't need attacks on that scale. A proper KKG with CoC would make Luffy win now.

Kaido was dodging even Red Hawks. He is worn down.

A KKG is what? 40 times stronger than a Red Hawk? 50? More maybe?
What's Tigerman? :choppawhat:

I honestly cannot relate on power ups that are currently non-existent as well as not quite predictable.
Asking the real questions.

Last time I checked, tigers had fangs and claws as their most defining traits. What the hell is Luffy gonna do that’s reminiscent of a tiger?