Future Events Luffy, Zoro, Nami vs Lucci, Kaku, Stussy!

Will the OG Strawhat fighting CP0 in the final war?

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I'm not saying they will have an extreme diff fights btw. Just maybe a warm-up fights before the main dishes.
Lucci & Kaku don’t want any part of those rematches lol.
I mean..... They are top CP0 fighters for a reason so they should be at least YC level.
To Sanji fans: Where's Jabura I thought Oda cared about the 3rd strongest:usoprice:
Jabra and Blueno saw the truth of the World Government, that's why they don't want to work under the government anymore.
I don't know about a full on fight, but an encounter of sorts would be neat.
Yeah, a clash would be cool too. I think they will become allies once they discover the truth of the WG.
Unless I miss something, how do you expect Lucci and Kaku to even push Luffy and Zoro to a low diff fight after Roof Piece? :gokulaugh:
They got stronger.:myman:
Luffy and Zoro are probably far above Lucci and Kaku at this point, even if they became stronger themselves.
With the comment about CP0 and SWORD being rivals, i think it's more likely that the marines we saw will clash with them at some point.