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Mafia Official Calendar
This thread is used to maintain a schedule of games and contains information of past games.
Mafia Coaches
The following members will act as Coaches who will assist new hosts and ensure the smooth fuctioning of the Mafia section.
@AL sama , @Denim ,

Mafia Approved Hosts
The following members are "approved" hosts who do not need assistance of a Coach to run their games.
@AL sama , @Denim ,

Upcoming & Ongoing Games

05 Town of Salem @AL sama
06 Jestermania @Denim
07 Attack on Titan @Kiwipom @Flower Coach @Denim
08 Tokyo Ghoul @Noctis Coach @Denim
09 Throne of Lies @Dragomir

Completed Games

00 One Piece Wano Kuni act 1 @AL sama
01 One Piece Wano Kuni act 2 @Rej Coached
02 The Ascent of the Space Pirates @Finalbeta Coached
03 One Piece Dressrosa @Denim
04 Bleach Soul Society Arc @Flower Coached


a) Repeated game inactivity (across multiple games): 1 warning
b) Complete inactivity during a game resulting in forced substitution or mod-kill: 1 warning
c) Violation of game guidelines/section guidelines: 1/2 warnings (depending on severity)
d) Violation of general mafia guidelines: 1/2 warnings (depending on severity)

All warnings are issued after consultation with game coaches. As a host, if a player in your game requires a warnings you can approach the section coaches for a review after your game is over. All strikes issued last for 1 year from the date of issue. All issues with any games, and issuing of strikes is done only after a specific game has ended and not during when the game is active.


Each person is now allowed to sign up to host 2 games in a row with and without co-host.
You are eligible to host a game once you've played and completed at least 2 games of mafia.
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