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Know I shouldnยดt be interfering in an ongoing round while Iยดm dead but Iยดm seriously pissed about the truth tell shit being used again. Come on Flower, donยดt you want to see it how unfair this is or donยดt you care about it? Youยดve been told several times by almost the half mafia section players that we donยดt want this fucking stuff to happen! It doesnยดt even matter which faction a player has, itยดs taking the fun out of mafia games, no matter if youยดre town, mafia or indie. You shouldยดve noticed in the last OLF round that I was clearly annoyed as a townie too and I hoped you would stop it but itยดs as if Iยดm talking to a wall. Look, Iยดm not your enemy, tolerated and defended you many times but this canยดt be overlooked and as a friend I have to tell you the truth. This has become unbearable! If I was the host I would have modkilled you btw. This stuff is disrespectful to everyone, the host, the players, the nature of the game! Obviously nobody likes to lose but winning by gamebreaking or cheating is taking all value away from a victory, this is not worth it! Was such a good round until your truth tell messed it up. In worst case scenario we might even have lost a great motivated new player because of the stuff you do. Please wake up, sis, if this continues it will backfire on you, you will be getting more and more hated if you donยดt change! Have been ranting here as well as in dead chat because it is just awful to watch. Thereยดs a thing called FAIRNESS. I want mafia games to be played the fair way, not getting cheap wins by using cheating tactics and taking the FUN out of the GAME! Games are meant to be PLAYED, not to be broken at all costs!
Not only may we have lost a new player and a chance to grow the community, but this has also causes a respected and veteran player to leave the site and stop playing here.
I am also for Enablers being punished with modkills and without warning.
It will be discussed post game.
Somebody being pushed over the edge just shouldn't be a thing. 3 day phases are 72h ffs. 72h of feeling like complete shit and having to defend yourself are too fucking much. You can think somebody is scum I don't fucking care, but then stop engaging with that player if that player tells you to stop.

just shut up Nat

everyone who replied in those screenshots is playing the game longer than OJ and NF exist

you are a noone, so don't decide what is ethnical and what not, get yourself informed before talking

I wanted to safe this for after the current game, but your modworthy gaslighting and trigger attempts make me post this now

and now calm your tits girl
The Colosseum crew.

Literally trying to get rid of that shit, but no, 3 days tunnel on a player you know can be emotional over getting accused is fine and you guys are not to blame at all. Absolutely my fault when somebody forces me to use it because else I get lynched and I have to play to survive, am I right? It's fucking pathetic you guys don't realize you are at fault here, too. Just fucking talk and play with me normally and I wouldn't have ever needed that shit in the first fucking place!!!
You're not a victim. Be quiet.