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so if we r gna have a week or so break between garo game and AL's joker game could we do a turbo in the meantime?

i could do a quick half knight errant setup


5 vanilla townies
1 masoner (subject to change to gunsmith: a role that receives a result if you have a gun or not (eg: cop, vig, or mafia have guns. SK does not))
1 random town power role

1 mafia goon
1 random mafia power role

1 jack of all trades SK (will have the same abilities as the town and mafia power roles, in addition to a 1 shot strongman kill modifier)

> mafia kills on odd nights, SK kills on even nights.

wonder if we can get ppl interested in this setup


Year of the black beard!
other site.
I was trying to survive and claimed to be the doctor.
I expected the real doctor to use protect on me and now me and the real doctor get to stay alive every night.
But instead the doctor counter claimed me,
I got lynched and then they got nightkilled.
I did the same as town. Its a legit poker strategy but not everyone gets it. CCing as the Doc is also like the hugest mistake one can do.


Year of the black beard!
Also if ya'll looking for a very eventful game with some action. Then it's game 7 for ya. And I can already say that slots fill be filled quickly. :endthis: