Throughout Heaven & Earth,I alone am d Honored One
I hope inactive users participate as well.
Agreed. The scum managed to fool us the 1st day, but we won't let him fool us the 2nd day :ace:

I hope this time we act more decisively though.

And, tbh you and ancient century really spiced the things in what was getting a dull game.

I hope to see more of Sherlock Holmes from you two and of course Playa lol


this lie we love
I’m not saying I’m more prone to trusting others who wear Ginyu force Avis, but Reborn looks mighty trust worthy right now.
Agreed. The scum managed to fool us the 1st day, but we won't let him fool us the 2nd day :ace:
If you got something to say, tag me you mafia scumbag :lusalty:
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@Kingslayer You can confirm with @Bogard, but I think he officially unlynched me, making it not a stalemate.
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Throughout Heaven & Earth,I alone am d Honored One
@Bogard and @Finalbeta you people are good players. The best part about you people is you can read well. Boggie you were right about me - I can resonate logically but did not do so because of lack of understanding of game mechanics and my role.

@Kiwipom @TheAncientCenturion considering both of you are new, I must say you guys played well. However, you both needs to work on your strategy. It's flawed and you guys also flip flop a lot, making you an easy target regardless of your role.

@Rej dude you are actually a good player. Though you need to work on your game plan. Not claiming was very flawed tactic in my opinion.

@playa4321 @Vonal you guys have great potential if you be more vocal and active.

@Naomi you actually were more townie than anybody.. In my opinion You played role perfectly. Unlike kiwi or tac, who were flip flopping a lot, you didn't. To me, along with Bogard you deserve "player who his/her role perfectly" award lol

@Celestia I know you are smart player but your inactivity cost you. And, kudos to final in reading you well.

@Izumi man thanks for hosting this and making me aware of rules during the game. You are great host and I am sure a hell of a player

@Gambit you need to balance your approach otherwise you seem to be tactful. And, thanks for guiding me during first two days. And, sorry for not ensuring that we win at the end. I could have ensure our safety this day phase as well but..... Leave it.

As far as me is concerned, then I made 3 big mistakes. I have many things to learn. Not knowing rules and game mechanics really became a big hurdle in my game approach. . For a newbie to play this role in his first full game turned out be very challenging. It was fun though. So no complain and also no excuse.. You guys got me and kudos to you people.

Also, don't assume things - I was townie in Kingslayer game and mafia in this... Lol

Thank you for teaching me so many things and for wonderful game. I enjoyed a lot and that's more important for me.

I am ending rn because I won't be active much due to sudden work load some personal issues. Adios