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Year of the black beard!
Mafia Universe is soon hosting its annual Hydra Season and I am looking for one or two partners for that event.

What is Hydra Season?
-A: You sign up with a partner and MU will host multiple Hydra Games for the players to enjoy.

What is a Hydra/Hydra Game?
-A: A hydra is two or more players sharing one account in a mafia game. On MU we will create an alt and register it for the Hydra Season.
For example last year me and @novaselinenever played as "Canadian Fire Drill". It was kinda clownfiesta and a unique experience. And yes both players will post from the same account. Which means that for example in a 13 players game, actually 26 players will play.

If you guys want to know more hit me up.
I dont wanna share links but you guys finna easily find out about this event and might just write me!

Note: Hydraing should not be allowed on WG unless we specifically talk about it with the administration and warn them about alts popping up that will be shared between players for the course of the game. You can compare it with a sock puppet invasion. :funky: