Best Son
i think the town is actually on a very huge tree, there was a rough 3d model of it (only town, without tree) a while back which did look interesting. with sneak peak of sumeru today id imagine its gonna look super nice, hope its gonna feel like holiday resort compared to how inazuma is with all the hostile vibes rn lol. also if leaks are correct then from what i saw sumeru is likely somewhat between liyue and inazuma but a bit to the left (somewhere above watatsumi island on the map but still with quite some distance between them)

im wondering what kusanali gonna be able to do cause if she can heal, what would baizhu's ability be like since i assume hes a healer (i really want him lol). so if both are healer then id rather choose him over her, kinda hope she can do damage of some sort id be more likely to pull her too (cause archorns OP af)

hmm.. shakira, beyonce and black eyed peas stuff comes to mind.. ima go with this one for now haha

:kata: I also don't want them to be healers. Time for someone who can transform your entire's team EM into nice advantages

also that thing with Sumeru town being on a tree would be absolutely dope