Future Events Make your bet: Luffy vs Saturn

Luffy vs Saturn will end like:

  • Luffy defeats the Gorosei in fair fight

    Votes: 15 25.0%
  • Luffy defeats the Gorosei, but with help

    Votes: 2 3.3%
  • Luffy will be defeated by the Gorosei

    Votes: 8 13.3%
  • Luffy will run away from the Gorosei

    Votes: 14 23.3%
  • There will be no clash between Luffy and the Gorosei

    Votes: 8 13.3%
  • There will be only clash between Luffy and the Gorosei

    Votes: 13 21.7%

  • Total voters
Luffy wins obviously, him losing has no purpose for the story at this point and Oda will make him win to show how he's different from Kidd/Law.
Well since Sabo already took an L from a Gorosei and Greenbull was fine, it only makes sense that it will be the admiral's turn to take an L come Egghead. I predict Saturn and Luffy will only briefly clash and the fight will be discontinued, while Kizaru will take an L to even the score and make up for the loss that Sabo and Cobra took at the Reverie.

It's too soon for a Gorosei to fall yet as they were just introduced to be fighters recently, and only revealed to have devil fruit powers this chapter. Kizaru meanwhile, still hasn't returned the favour for giving the Straw Hats their defeat back on Sabaody. It's time Luffy right that wrong from 2 years ago and give Kizaru his L.
Its interesting how Egghead is very crucial for agendas.

We will see how an Admiral measure to a fresh emperor.

how strong the Gorosei are.

and if Zoro is already admiral level.

everyone is out for blood.

Neither Saturn or Luffy should get dehype for me, Kizaru might take a L
So after new chapter revelation that Gorosei are actually fighters, we still have a question: How strong are the Gorosei?

Right now Saturn is coming to Egghead island and it could have different outcome.

Bet is simple - those who lose change their avatar on a month, if you voted on opposite, which means: If Luffy win in the battle, but you voted for him losing it, or othervise - then you lose the bet.

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Make the votes public.
There will be no fight with Luffy, just a clash maybe.
Saturn will take conttol of the Seraphins and fight using those; it's the reason he came in the first place.

People who are thinking that Kizaru isn't the main force are in for a big delusion. And the funniest thing is they are saying that after 5 Gorosei + Imu didn't even capture Sabo, who was carrying Cobra. And someone still think Santurn can beat Luffy lol.
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