Malcolm Heseltine "the Red Baron".

Name: Malcolm Heseltine.
Epithet: “the Red Baron.”
Occupation: Swan Pirates' Navigator.
Gender: Male.
Age: 55.
Height: 8 ft.

Appearance: Praise be to Wikipedia.

Personality: A physically imposing individual, Malcolm is proud man who enjoys adventure and battle from the bottom of his heart. He seeks out the greatest thrills to be found both on and off the battlefield. Malcolm firmly believes that an individual must earn their own rewards in life and holds little respect for those who he considers to leech off of the successes of others.

His lust for battle and his archaic manner of speech, a hangover from his noble upbringing, have earned him the epithet of "the Red Baron".

Background: Originally from a family of low ranking nobility, Malcolm held an adventurous streak even from a young age. Treating the formal events and fake niceties of nobility with nothing but disdain, Malcolm often instead sought out merchants for stories of daring deeds and tales of lands far beyond the mundane cobblestones of his native island. As soon as he became of adult age, Malcolm renounced his noble birthright to his father's face, left the island as a deckhand aboard a merchant vessel and never looked back. For years, Malcolm has adventured across the seas and fought numerous battles, always seeking greater thrills regardless of the peril.

Now he has joined the Swan Pirates in order to quench his thirst for adventure. Whether or not this thirst will be satisfied remains to be seen.

Racial Bonuses (Wano Native);
+2 Vitality
+4 Strength
+3 That can be put anywhere (Agility).

Strength: 41+20=61
Agility: 56+15=71
-Reaction: 81
-Movement: 61
Vitality: 51+10=61
-Resilience: 61
-Endurance: 61
Intellect: 30.5
Navigation: 61
Fighting Style: 30.5
Ittoryu/Nitoryu: 61
Haki: 81
Armament: 81
Observation: 81
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