Manga Discussion Manhwa - Gosu (The Master)

It is the story of a world called Murim (The Martial World). In the past, there was one supreme martial artist called as the Heavenly Destroyer. He was betrayed by his 4 top disciples, and his last disciple was tasked to avenge him and beat/kill those four.

The last disciple is our Main Character, named Gang Ryong. Some time later, we proceed to the present. When Ryong finally goes to a journey to accomplish his mission, he is informed that the four were already dead. how would this manhwa continue? By Gang Ryong becoming a delivery boy of a dumpling restaurant.

This is the premise of The Manhwa, Gosu (The Master). I'd say this is one of the very best shonen-themed craft among the world of manga and manhwa right now. It doesn't fall into clichéd tropes too much. The main general plot is simple, but the story arcs are chained to one another in cohesive and natural way. We will see that the authors cares deeply about the main characters as they delved into the characters' motivation and background and main tragedies, how it all formed the confidence or the gloominess of them at the present time.

The world-building is greatly affected by the art. The world is big but tend to be simple, a few important factions of martial houses and clans. But the art style is very good to say the least. It enlarges that simple world into a vast beautiful landscape, cliffs and mountains and rivers. The manhwa is full color.

The story-telling imo is one of the best points in this manhwa. At various parts of the manhwa, we will see many scenes unraveled from quite a few perspectives and slow paces in order to really get what's really going on to the characters. Which ones are good companions, and which ones are deceiving you? You will be guessing such things about certain characters' journey sometimes, and imo this is a rare beautiful thing for a shonen-themed manhwa/manga to possess.

it was funny at the right moments but when the battles are on, the manhwa doesn't mess around and takes the battle scenes very seriously. The art would shift to extreme momentum and speed depiction.

Clashes are displayed amazingly, so powerful and explosive. Many fans called Gosu's character as the landscaping masters that reshape the lands with their overwhelming power. Like this.

Or this.

All in all, this manhwa is a must read and i can't recommend it enough for readers that like to read shonen stories with explosive battles and intriguing storylines. Many mangas start to falter and disappoint as it continue to later chapters. Gosu is not one of them. It is really consistent, patient, and ambitious to reach the greater heights.

Have any of you read this? What are your thoughts about it?

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