Mihawk bounty speculation (vs BB bounty Bet thread)

Will Mihawk have a higher bounty than BlackBeard

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I know that many would love to see him having a higher bounty than BB's but I find it unlikely due to him not having a Yonko status, a crew or allies or ambition to become PK and due to his strength being still mysterious to the WG even once he defeats the marine forces sent after him.
I know right? Generally speaking, Mihawk is the same general level as BB but BB has the advantage of leading a huge army. There is no way Mihawk can have a higher bounty than him.
Strange. The point is that Mihawk doesn't deserve a bounty higher than Teach because of Teach, what he did (which is a big plus above his powerlevel) and his crew/fleet yet at the same time he can not have a bounty too far below Shanks, even if he has a strong crew and yonko status.

So imo he gets something like 3B but of course BB bounty will go up in time and surpass Kaido and BM for sure and probably even WB and Roger if at that point there is still a WG to put bounties.
I know right? Generally speaking, Mihawk is the same general level as BB but BB has the advantage of leading a huge army. There is no way Mihawk can have a higher bounty than him.
It's really about all about the exploits for me. A standing army is no good if it doesn't attack anyone.

Mihawk chases Don Krieg and cuts down Zoro, Blackbeard invades Impel Down and attacks Baltigo ending with a fight against the CP0.

Who is really the bigger threat to the world here? Mihawk and his private duels or Blackbeard invading territories, lending his flag to pirates and stealing powerful Devil Fruits?
Lol a bet thread, some people should some stakes in to make this 100x more interesting I’m on fence right now.

Yonkos is about territory and how much people you are able to command along with your individual strength.

Mihawk is a solo MotherF***er but him no longer being an ally with the Goverment he’s a threat.

I’m thinking his bounty will be 2 billion under BlackBeard but still displaying how dangerous he is.
2B max imo and that will be very good considering an Emperor have something close ( 2,25 B )

An Emperor = own strength on top of crew's strength , and Allies ( like Pinkbeard Pirates and possibly Kuzan etc. )

Emperors get their bounties from all that , while Mihawk's bounty is just based on his strength
3 billion range. Based on the to previous two chapters his bounty will be based on past and current feats. Hancock told her Amazon's not to worry because they were chosen to be warlords because of their strength. In the latest chapter we saw how the manga revealing characters past as that's part of the reason why they have a high bounty.

Then of course Mihawk it's going to beat whatever new scientific weapon they're sending after him that is designed on to replace the warlords.
A bounty is a resume. Mihawk's bounty being frozen for 20+ years, and him having 0 crew or territory, means it won't surpass the 2 billion mark. And I say 2 billion, simply because (1) it has to be higher than Luffy's (2) it has to be lower than Blackbeard's, since Blackbeard has a crew and territory.

I think Oda might not even show Mihawk's frozen bounty, because it has to be in proportion to the other pre-time skip Warlords, and that would dehype him. Bounties are just hype tools after all.

Moriah fought toe to toe with Kaido and his frozen bounty was 320 million. Doflamingo was the most powerful in terms of influence and he was 340 million. There is no chance in fuck, his frozen bounty is like 2+ billion. That's stupid. It's probably 3x Moriah's and Doffy's bounty. Considering BM/Kaido's bounties are 3x their first mates. So I'd say around the 1 billion berry mark, but I could see Mihawk's frozen bounty being as low as 600-700 million.