Chapter Discussion Mihawk isn’t a fraud

He isn’t a fraud just because he doesn’t want to fight the yonkou for buggy.

Yonko fans are hypocrites. When kaido said that he wouldn’t want to start a war against Big Meme, none complained.

When Whitebeard said that he doesn’t want to fight Kaido, none complained.

But when Mihawk says „Do you expect us to fight all the yonkou for you?“ everyone loses their mind.

Mihawk isn’t even showing emotions when he said that lol.
No emotions?

Im talking about his sentence with the yonkos. Do you see any emotions there?
Doesnt matter if it is here that Buggy didnt give a choice, here is when he knew he was fuckup.
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these guys want Mihawk to go on a fucking Yonko gauntlet, and if he doesnt hes a fraud

meanwhile Shanks waited 20 years to try for the One Piece, because Kaido, WB, and BM were too much for him
Shanks didnt wait 20 years. Heck, Kaido might not have been a Yonko at that time.