Break Week Mihawk ran away from Pranks : Like Green Bull of the White blade? Really?

I had some dumbass here try to tell me Mihawk ran away from Pranks too like Green bull did, how does that make Green Bull look bad.

Like if it is remotely the same thing
Like what an actual fuck

Mihawk came to Saint Red Snitch Garling's Son and Gorosei Bitch Pranks' own camp and called him a one armed little shit when Pranks was trying to fight him

And Pranks is a one armed Has Been
New One Piece live action which is STRICTLY SUPERVISED by Oda suggests that Pranks is half as strong as he was in his prime with two arms and Mihawk was fighting Pranks when he had two arms and shaking the grand line

And Mihawk is right now waiting for someone stronger than Pranks

So why would he fight a one armed has been who stands no chance against him?

How is that remotely comparable to Brocolli of the White Blade scream like a little bitch from getting Wifi Diffed a kilometer away?
Pranks needed two arm and all his CoC to even stand a chance against Mihawk

And you telling me Pranks is doing this to Mihawk?

Come on now
Mihawk = 2 Pranks >> 1 Pranks >>>>> Green Bull of the White Blade