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Who are your favorite cahracters this season?

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Mob was really good today, the creepy vibes were off the chart. The ending song was fucking excellent too
I always forget which anime releases on which day this season lol
I'll watch it later for sure, thanks for the heads up!
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Ooh great episode, I loved the tension and Mob's decisiveness at the end

So Dimple can see and hear everything through his brainwashed followers? That's OP for intel gathering and mob (heh) attacks. Also, I have Reigen on 50% brainswashed and 50% chickened out lol
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Sooooo much great stuff happened in this episode:

- when Mob enters the tree and starts climbing up, he only uses his physical strength. He could have scaled it in an instant, yet he chise to do it on his own terms. That in opposition to what Dimple's doing really hammers down the conflict
- Golden Dimple is born with a blast!! Loved the Golden Sperm parallel, there was even a sandbag attack (just like Atomic Sandbag)

- I haven't read the wc and don't plan to honestly - I'd love to finnish this spoiler free. That's why the Mob/Dimple conflict and dialogue is giving me the feels. Neither wants to really hurt the other, though Dimple was harsh with the Tsubomi stuff all of it was still true.

- That last scene with the monkey shirt lol