Character Discussion Morj New Video Against ZKK

whats the TLDW version?
1. For Luffy to get the last blow and Zoro to kill him means Zoro is just acting like an executioner and not giving his opponent a fighting chance - Out of character for him
2. For Zoro to get the final blow and kill Kaido would be out of character for the manga and the recent set ups all being about Luffy defeating Kaido and knocking him out.

Man making videos over a few of the hottest subjects in One Piece, he’s just capitalizing on hype. I don’t think ZKK will happen, but I hate how Morj talks down to his viewer base like he has some in with Oda.
that guy's ego is so huge. he needs to watch his condescending tone. specially after vomiting some ridiculous theories lately. the way zkk haters have set thing up. if zkk doesn't happen, they will have ground to shit talk zoro even more. if zkk does happen, they will call him pathetic for killing a defeated emperor. he intentionally didn't show whats the reasonings behind the theory really are..... the op fandom are allowed to theorize about how greenbull is zoro's dad based on his cape but zkk theories are somehow impossible.
personally i don't care whether zkk happens or not, both are fine but the way these people operate with agendas instead of good faith argument is just disgusting.