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Welcome to the fanclub dedicated to Vergo-San!

While Monet is preparing some dishes and drinks for us, let's talk and show our appreciation for Demon Bamboo. Here we can discuss and share out thoughts and I welcome an open discourse, as long as it's not filled with brats with an attitude problem, in which case they'll be dealt with swiftly

Vergo has shown many impressive things thus far. He has been hyped with an exceptional use of armament hardening that is so far unparralleled by any other One Piece character (in terms of armament hardening)

In the Vivre Card Vergo scene's using FBH had a brief caption on the last Vivre card: (quote)
''It super-hardening all your body through your armed ambition, your hard-trained bousoushoku''

The act of hardening by haki is commonly referred to in the manga as ''hardening'' (kouka). Except that in Vergo's card a ''super-hardening'' was used (CHOU KOUKA). There is a prefix before the common kouka. @PuckTheGreat can confirm

In the description of the Pica card using FBH there is no such prefix of ''super'' (CHOU KOUKA), so it is clear that the cards wanted to treat Vergo's haki as something special

Vergo-San's armament is "sturdier than steel" while being the only one up to this point to be able to combine hardness with elasticity, thus granting it extra toughness (read my theiry about it below)

"his enemies prostrate before him" (Vivre Card). Chou Kouku is not to be treaded with lightly.

So give it up the right hand man of the future PK! :cheers:

Read some of my theories on Vergo here:

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