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Top 3 Luffy fights

  • Luffy vs Crocodile

  • Luffy vs Enel

  • Luffy vs Lucci

  • Luffy vs Moria

  • Luffy vs Doflamingo

  • Luffy vs Cracker

  • Luffy vs Katakuri

  • All

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Luffy vs Lucci is one of the best fights I've ever seen tbh.
Amazing choreography, a lot of stakes, and a lot of emotion in it.
Yes, Luffy vs Lucci at Enies Lobby was amazing given the stakes and the state of the story.
Luffy vs Lucci at Egghead tho is the second biggest neg diffing in the story eclipsed only by Shanks one shotting the entire Kidd pirates.
to all Luffy haters:
Luffy fans shouldn't indulge in typical flat-earth comments against him....just reply with this GIF and move on...

And on the other front,
@Bogard san...try to implement the above GIF in the emotis....this will make a better emoji for sure....
I legitimately laughed out loud when I watched that part! I knew someone would make it into a gif.