General & Others My favorite characters so far

1. Gojo

I dont like his fighting style but I like his unwavering opinions

2. Sukuna

I like his fights, aside from that he is a refreshing villain. He doesn't want to be an ally to anyone and he doesn't want to make things easier for Yuji, it's refreshing after seeing how easy villains make it for Luffy in One Piece

3. Jogo

I only like him for what he said to Mahito, "I don't care if it's not me I just want to see curses win" when asked if he was willing to sacrifice himself for Sukuna probably didn't get the quote 100% correct but I like his dedication

4. Mahito

When I saw memes of jjk he always seemed like a meme villain kind of like a Buggy but he's surprisingly very competent in fact he almost pulled off a 1 v 2 vs Yuji and Nanami, his fighting style is also very interesting but that's mostly because of Nanami's narration