My Hero Academia - Chapter 258: Friends

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Besides Twice and Hawks being friends (a great development), or Burnin' being relevant, or the heroes about to preemptively attack the PLA, what got me real excited was this Sanctum guy.

The most important guy in the most important segment of the PLA? Given his statement towards Twice and his demeanor in the panel, I'm guessing we're getting some super intelligent, stuck up military guy (looks like he's in uniform). Can't wait to see what this dude has going for him.

Also, how is Slide & Go above your average hero lmao?
Thank you Arara for posting the Chapter. 🔎


Good chapter.
Twice stills amazing.
Kōhei Horikoshi design ability is super.

The heroes are about to take a massive L, like this raid looks so well planned, there it's no way things are going to be okay :amazing:

I saw someone commenting on twitter about the bullets that erase quirks, there are 4 of them and 4 teams so people are speculating that maybe each team has a certain target.

The Twice-Hawks exchange hurts man, that feeling of betrayal :feelscryingman:

But i don't think Hawks lied about everything, it's true that he's trapped, he was trained to be a soldier since he was just a child, he has never been free, but there it's nothing he can do, he just accepted his destiny.

Dabi-Geten being a team was my headcanon, can't believe it's canon now, let the drama beginnings.

I'm so hyped for this arc, i just need more :pepehands:

As a fun fact: We're getting this dark arc in the manga while the anime it's starting a slice of life vanilla arc lol x3
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