My Hero Academia Chapter 290 - Dabi's Dance

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I hope Shoto is over the bad daddy thing and he will actually attack Dabi for being a shit brother and not telling him that he's alive.
Yeah. Idk if this chapter has something like Enji intentionally knowing Dabi was alive and leaving him all like that. But if he didn't know, that's more on Dabi + he's a bad guy. I'd love for Shoto to drop his emo-ness and back up his dad on this one
Who people said its a death flag on endeavor?
So best jeanist will be new number 1?
There is a chance if jeanist alive n edgeshoot n mirko got no promotion for this commotion:goyea:
I dont read MHA. But I still know Dabi and think he is hot lol
Of course he is hot, look at his skin its even got so crispy like a crunchy fried chicken skin :gokulaugh: