My Hero Academia Chapter 298 : Crumbling Sound

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Good chapter i guess. Had it been better posts will have been dropping here like flies.

Good character moment for Shoto, to resolve to deal with his brother himself instead of Endeavor. Loved it.

As for Bakugo, some were predicting Bakugo death when Shigaraki attacked him, to see him running like that now?
I don't like it.

Rest was Okay
It’s alright. Nothing that gets me excited. I think the mass prison break was a smart idea on AFO’s part. But he probably could’ve sent his near—High Ends off to nearby hospitals to cause equal amounts of damage or even more.
We know.from last chapter Tartarus would be able to destroy AFO and Machia combined
So hero society prolly loaded the fuck out of that hospital with security


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Everybody is tired from the battles. Especially Deku.:pepecry:And Shoto will be the one that finishing off Dabi instead of Endeavor as I expected. Good chapter.:pagemoji:
Because we know Endeavor will not going all out against him and his fire is weaker than Touya too :feelscryingman: