My Hero Academia Chapter 316 Spoilers Thread


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- My Hero Academia Chapter 316 Title: “The Next”
- Endeavor is also here, he says they received a message from All Might but took some time to get there because he's slow in rainy days.
- Hawks doesn't have enough feathers to fly while carrying Nagant, so Deku holds them with Black Whip.
- Deku tells about the explosion and how it was probably caused by All for One.
- Hawks is screaming at Nagant saying that he's her replacement and that after fighting Deku she should already know that there's still hope in hero society.
- Hawks asks Nagant to tell them everything she knows about All For One.
- She doesn't know Hawks, but after hearing he's her replacement she understands he's from public safety.
- So she starts wondering why he still has glowing eyes.
- They enter the mansion, Deku is remembering Hawks' words about how All For One can't steal One For All just yet.
- The main hall is empty, but All For One appears in an hologram clapping.
- He asks Deku if the moral dilemma Nagant presented to him was fun.
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- Deku is really pissed.
- All For One continues to talk, saying that he loves to predict things and that he knew Deku would reach for her hand.
- He also says he didn't force her to do anything, it was all her own will.

He prolly knows they will come to him too
He's talking about how the "good guys" are the ones who consider anyone who commits a single error a villain.
- He says that those who don't fit in will always be ostracized, it's not just a rule of society but a rule of life.
He isn't exactly wrong but most of the villains we've seen are murders which is grounds for removal from society by a default lol

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This is forshadow that Deku might turn evil/anti-hero? Or become depress?
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He not that bad, only mentally unstable
As someone who works as a social worker what AFO said is very true

We call it burnout. You dedicate yourself to better people around you but no matter how good you do twice more bad stuff will happen. So it starts becoming never ending job which leads to social workers being burned out and stop carrying. That leads to low performence abd just pure depression

I mean i have a mandatory therapy sessions 4 time a year to discuss all the bad shit i come at on work