My Hero Academia Chapter 339 : The Story of How We All Become Heroes Part 2

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Honestly a whole lot of nothing happened in this chapter,
only to give us a reminder that Support staff are heroes too. God that sounds so cheesy.
Hatsume looked good in this chapter it's too bad that this is probably the last time we will see her.
Nejire also looks great with short hair, Kohei probably got tired of drawing her long hair though I amazed that she doesn't seem to have severe burns after being roasted by Dabi.
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Dabi was burning through carbon fiber cables like it was silly string yet the only lasting damage to Nejire was her hair? Even Tokoyami and Jiro got scars and they only got grazed from his flames.

Wonder what they'll do to get the league of our hiding, AFO is generally patient and doesn't seem to generally fight head on unless it's to his advantage.