My Hero Academia - Chapter 362 : Light Fades to Rain

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Temperature/weather change has to do with Dabi & Endeavor, though not sure if it matters.

I don't believe Bakugo is dead but I do wonder how he recovers and, how his "death" impacts others (which is obviously the purpose of it).

Adam 🍎

Pretty Boy
As a biggest Bakugou fan i'm gonna reserve my analysis for next chapters. But if this is what i think it is then Hori ascended Oda with a single chapter

And mind you Hori is still quite young so post MHA ( which is ending soon ) we might get some good shit ( hori said IRC that he always loved Star Wars )


Well damn, it really is written like a real death... Prime real estate for a fakeout:steef:

Also, anyone else find the action scenes in MHA really hard to follow? Maybe it's the scans this time, but there's too much going on in a panel so nothing gets the attention it deserves
Yeah, it is

I don't know why Horikoshi loves a bunch of mess on the panel, especially when Shigaraki or AFO are fighting

It's so hard to understand that fucking think that Tamaki made too

It just looks like a jumbled mess
🤔 Tough to tell. It looked like a fatal wound. I have to say that.

I can’t see Midorya alone taking on a fused Shigaraki/AFO. Power-wise it is a no-win possible for the heroes. Something has to happen to even the odds.

But, the weather changing and Bakugo’s mom talking about him not liking rain... Will Bakugo revive and power up by using environmental moisture instead of sweat for explosions? Heart attacks/stoppages are easily reversed. Ah, maybe lightning reviving Bakugo?
:josad: Bakugone.... poor guy didn't get to shine even in his death. Didn't manage to deal a lasting damage. I hope he isn't revived from some BS explanation.
This panel really hit hard.
This is definitely a super shocking chapter, but it could definitely be a fake out. I guess we'll see if they can revive Bakugo or not, but either way, don't see how he'll be able to make a comeback after such a devastating injury. Even if he isn't dead, it would be strange if he wasn't knocked out of the fight.