CoC: Color of Clowns

Enel Automata vs Punk Pacifistas
I actually really enjoyed Lady Nagant's / Dark Deku's arc on the anime, compared to what i felt reading the manga
Weekly Manga is waiting a week, if not more, to get like 14 pages. Most people just zoom through that.

Anime, when done well, gives you way more time to appreciate what's going on. Author's can't really force you to focus on a panel, and imagine everything that's occurring in it. The anime can be way more satisfying, just because it brings out so much more of what's there (especially in some of the more chaotic panels).

I had NO IDEA what the fuck was happening when Endeavor fought Hood in the manga.

In the anime, it's one of my favorite fights.

Hori tries to fit a lot of stuff into one panel, like Oda, and sometimes it just doesn't let the manga breathe the way the anime can.