From Discord, by Pineapple:

- Shigaraki wake up and say hello.
- X-less is dead
- Then the entire lab, all the way to where Present Mic is standing just decays
- Gran Torino save Mic
- Nomu grabbed Aizawa's leg and start decayed.
- Aizawa is safe, saved by Crust
- Crust is dead
- The decays spread to town
- Deku destroying the ground to stop the decays
- Deku uses 45% OfA
- Some hero also try to stop it, but seems unsuccessful
- Pixie used her Quirk too, but also decayed.
- Big chunk of town is gone

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Full summary, from discord:

This title of the chapter is Ohaiyo, in Japanese. This is pretty fitting because ofcourse, Ohaiyo is common way of saying Hello and greeting someone which Shigaraki does by waking up next to X-Less, but Ohaiyo is also a common way to say Good Morning, which of course fits since Shigaraki is finally waking up from his nap. Because of the double meaning, it’ll be interesting to see what translation Viz is gonna go with since both Hello and Good Morning are good titles for the chapter.

The Chapter begins and we’re back at the hospital, with Shigaraki taking the first breath of his new life in Dr. Shiga’s lab. We see a shot of the town and the mountains behind them, and immediately cut to Burning who has been leading the Hospital Backup Evacuation team and coordinating their movements. She’s communicating with various heroes via headset, when we cut to various 1-A students like Bakugo, Shoto, Ochako, Iida, and Tsuyu doing some crowd control and getting people to evacuate the town.

Koda uses his quirk to get all of the pets in the town to join the mass evacuation, while his doves give feed him information on where other civilians and animals are, for him to relay to the flying heroes like Nejire so they can go round them up.

While everyone is doing their job and escording people away in a group, Deku is off to the side on his own, and it seems like he hears a voice. Shoto turns around and asks him what’s wrong, and Deku doesn’t respond, standing there shaken. There’s a text bubble that comes from Deku’s head that looks like the text bubble is made from a ray of light, and immediately after we see a flashback panel to the first user touching Deku’s hand from his first Vestige Dream.

Deku slowly starts to turn with his heart beating rapidly. He turns halfway and looks up at the Hospital in horror. Ochako calls out to him, but he ignores her and keeps staring at the hospital off in the distance as it sits in the mountains. It’s just sitting there, just like it has been this entire time… but something’s wrong. Deku grips his stomach and feels extremely unsettled.

Suddenly we cut to X-less looking down at Shigaraki, who is now sitting up, drenched in water.

The shot zooms out and we see Xless and Shigaraki just sitting there amongst the broken wires and machines, and a breeze blows over the basement.

We see Present Mic finally reaching the end of the hallway with the Doctor in his arms. Aizawa and the other heroes have pretty much taken down the other high ends. The Doctor looks down the tunnel into the part of the lab where Shigaraki was being held, and makes a very blank face, but Present Mic looks back in horror as the walls of the tunnel he ran through start to crumble and tear away.

On the next page we see Shigaraki’s decay spreading out of the tunnel and making it’s way into the larger lab, RIGHT infront of Mic and the Doctor. The Doctor see’s the decay spreading and rejoices, and Gran Torino swoops in to save him and Mic before it reaches them and crumbles them.

Gran Torino starts flying the Doctor and Mic out of the lab, and screams to everyone else that t’s time to run! Shigaraki is awake! Abandon the basement NOW!

Immediately we cut back to Deku with his jaw dropped, and his eyes wide open and he witnesses what comes next. Ochako, Tsuyu and Shoto are looking on, and eventually Bakugo finally turns his head in shock, as the group sees the entire horizon of the tree line surrounding the hospital in the mountains, shake, as parts of those same exact trees begin to lift off of the ground slowly around the building.

Inside the basement, we see all hell breaking lose, with Ryukyu trying to crab as many heroes as she can, and others tryin to make a run for it to escape the lab.

Aizawa is nearly crushed by falling Nomu tubes, but Ryukyu calls out to him and tells him to use his bandages to latch on to her so they can fly away.

This is when a surviving HIGH END, GRABS Aizawa by the leg, locking him in place as the building starts to decay and fall around him. The Nomu itself starts to decay, and the decay works it’s way up the Nomu’s arm towards Aizawa’s leg….

Luckily, Crust summons a shield to cut the Nomu’s arm off and Save Aizawa so that he can escape with Ryukyu and the others… however… Crust saving Aizawa from the decay would end up being his final act, as Aizawa turns to see who saved him, and sees Crust with his thumb up, crumbling to dust with an All Might style Smile on his face.

Endeavor gets Mrko and a hero that’s hard to make out out of the lab, and Ryukyu has trouble running down the hallway Mirko originally came in from because she’s so large. The Doctor says something, and then we cut away from the hopefully escaping heroes, to see the hospital start to decay from the inside out, starting from the lobby area, then spider webbing around the building to encompass the entire structure.

We finally see Wash’s quirk in action, as the washer on his stomach produces tons of sudz and bubbles, and he uses these bubbles to carry all of the patients in their hospital beds out of the hospital safely.

Now it’s a little ambiguous, but it seems like even Wash might have gotten caught up in the rapidly decaying town, as we see him in one panel wth the decay expanding behind him, and then in the next panel we see a panel FILLED with decayed buildings, and a nameless Pro Hero trying to escape while screaming for his life, as his body starts to crumble from his legs to his Torso. These panels are the same size and back to back, so to me that kind of suggests that it’s a frame from moments later in the panel that comes before it, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Wash surrounded himself in a bubble and made it out safely.

Elsewhere on a road, we see busses and cars that are making their way of the town under the supervision of the Pussycats. Pixiedoll turns around and uses her quirk to try and stop Shigaraki’s decay. She does create massive earthen walls to try and save the city, but Shigaraki’s decay is just too much and overpowers the walls, making it’s way into the city as we cut away from the Pussycats and are once again left wondering if they’re okay.

That’s something that’s happening alot in this chapter. Everyone is trying to escape Shigaraki’s decay, but we cut away before we see whether or not several heroes are actually successful in doing that, so now we have to wonder if they made it out alive or not given the fact that the decay spread so fast and far.

As the destruction spreads, we cut back to Shigaraki at the center of the madness doing what he loves doing most. Bringing ruin to everything around him. Everything around Shigaraki crumbles to dust and starts falling around him as he pushes one of his arms into the ground, and grabs X-Less’ cape with the other, and throws it over his shoulder Dr. Strange style to wear it.

That’s right, all of the destruction caused by Shigaraki in this chapter, was apparently done with ONE. ARM. ONLY.

We cut from Shiggy throwing the cape on, to a cut of the decay spreading through the mountains behind the hospital, and through the town. The size of the affected space is already MASSIVE, with the mountains behind the hospital starting to crack and crumble away, and the town starting to rot away from the edges as buildings are literally torn from their foundations causing them to implode. The streets themselves start to almost explosively decay in the way that we saw Deika Japan crumble away in My Villain Academia, and the Doctor is absolutely loving this.

He lets out a Joyous scream, and I bet he probably yells something like Good Morning Shigaraki or something cheeky and related to the destruction around him.

Immediately after the Doctor yells, we cut to Deku powering up to ONE FOR ALL, 45 PERCENT, he performs St. Louis Smash: Air Force Edition, by recreating the exact kick that All Might told him to do to take advantage of his wind pressure in Season 4. Deku blows away the part of the road that’s decaying and cuts a line in the sand, where Shigaraki’s decay can’t pass because there isn’t anything it’s touching. Of course this area is small and this probably won’t keep them safe for too long, but Bakugo yells for everyone to grab people and RUN, while Burnin desperately tries to reach Endeavor on the line and can’t. Finally to end the chapter, screams for everyone to run while he’s still in 45%, so it seems like he’s READY to go.