What numbers is this anime pulling any more? It's been on a rapid descent for the past two seasons
Pretty sure its popularity in Japan hasn't dropped off.
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Anyway, this was a really great chapter. Its stuff like this where the characters express their concerns and fears which illustrate the themes of the story which are the beating heart of a story. I like the fact that it very much goes to the core of the idea that the external action is just the surface, what matters is what's underneath.(sort of why I feel like something like JJK feels very hollow comparatively)

This was a good chapter solidifying Deku as a worthy main character, by highlighting the effects he specifically has had on the cast of characters and the story.


I will never forgive Oda
Holy shit great chapter. Don’t fully understand some bits of the dialogue tbh, specifically from Shigaraki.

But I knew AFO would come back. He had a hidden trump card and this quirk vestige theme guaranteed he’d be here.

I love the fact Shiggy is thinking of the League. Makes me wish we got another arc of them as the leads.