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Who will win the Finals? (2022-23 season)

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Pelicans 17-8 9 games over 500 4-0 in December best win of the year against them overrated suns :steef:chris Paul shoulda retire or went to another contender but honestly they should sit Zion next game and give him rest Sunday cus we don't need it even if we lose we still be first place in the west plus the suns goin be piss and want blown us out after we ran up the score at the end lol don't play unless you sho you goin win and make the suns drop even more in the standings
*Don't play Zion unless
Loved the 360 dunk from Zion. Suns are always bitching, love to see them get their panties in a bunch.
The most whiny team in the league right now. They shouldn’t be complaining about anything after what they did last year vs Dallas.
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It be the ultimate revenge if the suns beat the pelicans today without booker lol
Without Booker? Pelicans babyshake.
Pelicans 18-8 10 games over 500 5-0 in December :steef:not a impressive win we
went overtime with the suns without book :lusalty:but I take the w next up we back to road games first stop Utah back to back they good this year don't get caught slacking fellas enjoy the mountains there
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Jazz humble the pelicans ass badly they now 2-0 this season against us they our kryptonite lol hopefully pels don't get destroy again in the rematch Thursday
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