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Who will win the Finals? (2022-23 season)

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Your all-time team?

Go crazy go stupid. For the most important rule which shall allow you to go ham, the team will have perfect chemistry so don't worry about putting tough personalities next to each other.

My all-time favorite would be:

PG: Kobe.
SG: Jordan.
SF: LeBron.
PF: Garnett.
C: Shaq.

Note: Kobe is not a PG so if you wanna brag about it imagine that I put Magic or Steph there.
PG: Steph
SG: Jordan
SF: Bird
PF: Lebron
C: Shaq

Can outrun double big lineups,
Bird and Lebron are all time passers .
Lebron isn't a bad 4 and wont pack the paint for shaq
Steph running off a lebron pick is the stuff of nightmares.

Then you got MJ to worry about
I'm more curious how Durant would be looked at if he didn't join GSW. Seemed those two ring pops he got propelled him to top 15 territory in most all time lists, and yet I'm not even convinced he should be considered greater than Dirk.
True, the two rings misconstrued things immensely. He is a great scorer at times, but someone who took advantage of teammates, especially Curry. Dirk and Hakeem are goated due to being bus drivers without real co-pilots and still getting a ring, something Durant will never be able to claim.


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If Lakers win this, I wonder how much people will blame the refs for Golden State's terrible FG%:suresure::suresure::suresure:

How many rings would Durant have if he had stayed in GSW?
Raptors title would never happen if not for Golden State Hospital.

Then u have the bubble and etc.. Who knows.


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Poole 12 min 4 fouls 0 points.

"Winner's work baby".
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Damn Lakers missing a lot.

Luckily GSW didn't wake up as of yet.
Lol, Reeves really made that shot after GSW missed a 3 and a putback before halftime. Almost everything is going well for them thus far
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AD's aura on defense is so frightening that Curry really missed a layup because he thought he was gonna block it. Best player in this series without a doubt, not LeBron or Steph:crazwhat:
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Also, they better be careful not to get blown out like the Suns did already
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